Stu McConnell Fund for History

This campaign ends on July 1 at 02:59AM EDT

Recognizing Professor of History Stu McConnell and his long service to Pitzer College and his resolute dedication to generations of students, this fund assists the history field group with enhancing the student experience. This fund will support student-centered activities such as, but not limited to, student/faculty research projects, guest speakers, workshops, curriculum development activities, social events for students to discuss history, and community outreach efforts.

The goal is to endow this fund with at least $25,000 by June 30, 2019. Once the fund achieves that level, it will operate with the principal intact. If by the deadline the fundraising goal of $25,000 has not been met, it will revert to a current-use fund to be utilized at the discretion of the history field group beginning July 1, 2019. Additional donations may be made to the fund at any time.

Donor affiliations

9% Alumni

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2% Students

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3% Parents

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19% Friends

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10% Staff

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22% Faculty

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Donor list

Victor Milhon-Martin
Geoffrey Herrera
Melinda Herrold-Menzies
Elizabeth Affuso
Jenifer M Onstott
Andrea Scott
Hamid Rezai
Kathy Yep
Judith V Grabiner
Bill Anthes
Andre Wakefield
Shana Hafner
Elizabeth Segal
Gene Su
Stephanie & Cougar Estrada
Don Brenneis
Stephen Fischer
Nancy Mintie
Emily Mischel
beth Bodnar
Thomas Dickey
Stephen Dickey
Kim Gilmore
Susan Warmbrunn
Nancy Treser Osgood
Gloria M Romo
Carina Johnson
Steve & Laura McConnell
Ed Martini and Genanne Zeller
Betty G Farrell
Dawn & David Moore
Diana Selig
Richard Tsujimoto
Paula Larson
Rita Watts
Andre Wakefield, Rebecca Kornbluh
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