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This campaign ended on February 21, 2021, but you can still make a gift to Phi Kappa Psi Foundation by clicking here!
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On this 169th anniversary of Founders Day, Phi Psi celebrates our founding and enduring purpose; The Great Joy of Serving Others!

In 1850, as a typhoid fever epidemic hit Jefferson College in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania, and many left to escape the spread, Founders William Henry Letterman and Charles Page Thomas Moore decided to stay and care for their ill classmates. The bond formed between Letterman and Moore inspired them to establish a brotherhood built upon the idea of The Great Joy of Serving Others, and February 19, 1852, Phi Kappa Psi was formed.

169 years later, this bond lives on through our 80,000+ living alumni and on over 100 campuses nationwide.

Now is time to honor Letterman and Moore by providing the funding to move the organization forward for the next 169 years. With your support, Phi Psi provides opportunities for young men to make incremental changes to their decisions, ways of thinking, and understanding of, treatment of, and service to others. 

In a nod to our anniversary, we are seeking 690 donations. Make a gift and challenge your brothers to do the same by becoming an advocate for Phi Psi!

Thank You!

For making the 2021 Founders Day of Giving campaign a success! Over 775 Phi Psi Alumni, Undergraduates and Friends made a contribution to this year’s effort, which far exceeds our goal of 690.

 And the gifts keep trickling in. 

 If you missed our final video post, you may want to take a few minutes to take it in; it is a series of testimonials about Phi Psi.  There’s something in it for everyone!

 Phi Psi’s Founders Letterman and Moore were honored with over $259,000 in support.  It will take a few days to really dig in and see where all the dollars landed, but suffice it to say, we had a great boost to the unrestricted Phi Psi Fund as well as very solid participation in the “Chapter Challenge” which routed gifts to individual restricted chapter funds or other specifically restricted funds. 

 We are pleased to announce the results of the Chapter Challenge…and the winners are!

              •  The $1,000 first place prizes go to Ashland & Towson! 

              •  The $750 second place prizes go to Minnesota & Akron! 

              •  The $500 third place prizes go to Minnesota-Duluth & Butler! 

These chapters had the highest percentage of alumni and undergraduates who made a gift.  It was a close competition that lasted until the bitter-end at 3am. A BIG thank you to everyone who made a gift in support of their chapter. 

 As Phi Psi emerges from a very challenging year and chapters are returning to some new realities of recruitment and chapter life, this huge vote of support will certainly serve as a boost of adrenaline.  Until we meet again…

55 days ago by Adam Morgan
Your Brothers Wanted to Share Their Phi Psi Stories

All week, Phi Psis from across the country have shared what Phi Psi means to them, why they joined, why they serve and what drives them to give back. It's time to share their stories. 

56 days ago by Ryan Parker
VERY close

Donors and Advocates, 

We are within striking distance of reaching what was an ambitious goal of 690 donors.  Our team felt this lofty goal was appropriate given the kind of year 2020 was and the energy so many chapters have right now in 2021.  I am personally so proud that our alumni and undergrads are stepping up.  

Let's keep pushing tonight.  The more we raise, the more we can invest in Phi Kappa Psi!  

For Phi Kappa Psi...

56 days ago by Drew
$100 match per each new donor! Advocate-Exclusive

A Phi Psi alum just stepped up to make an offer.  He will give $100 per donor up to $20,000.  That's 200 donors and no matter how big the gift is, he'll give $100.  That's some serious incentive, folks.  Do your part.  Make a gift and ask others to as well.  

56 days ago by Drew
Chapter Challenge *Update*

At 11 p.m. ET, we're closer than ever! Minnesota Delta slips past Indiana Theta! Remember - the contest runs till Midnight! Will we see a comback?

If you want to make the podiums become an advocate and share the challenge with your chapter brothers.

                                Chapter Challenge Leaderboard!


56 days ago by Adam Morgan
Chapter Challenge

It's time to drive a little chapter competition!

The Foundation's trustees have offered a challenge that could earn your chapter's fund an award of up to $1,000. We are tracking gifts made by alumni and undergraduates against our list of chapter members.

The chapters that place top three in participation* at the end of day of giving on Friday will receive an award to their chapter's fund of $1,000, $750 and $500 respectively. A gift of $5 or more to any fund will count toward the total participation percentage.

If you haven't already done so, now is the perfect opportunity to become an advocate and challenge your chapter brothers to make a gift.

*Participation will be based off of the percentage of alumni and undergraduates that make gifts compared to the total number of living alumni for whom we have contact information for the chapter.

57 days ago by Ryan Parker
215 donors and nearly $55,000!

Less than 12 hours into a 48 hour Founders Day campaign and we're seeing strong support from Phi Psi alumni!  

Spread the word and encourage others to give!.  Someone paid it forward before you, now its your turn to pay it forward for someone else....onward!  

Hi, Hi, Hi!

57 days ago by Drew
169 donors for 169 years!!

57 days ago by Drew

Donor Map
Phi Psi Giving by Class YearThe Phi Psi Giving by Class Year reflects giving from Phi Psi Alumni, Phi Psi Undergraduates
AffiliationDonors$ Raised
Phi Psi Giving by Fund
FundDonors$ Raised
Where it's needed the most226$76,275
Ohio Iota Chapter OneFund45$1,547
Phi Kappa Psi Pride Scholarship Fund43$12,115
Maryland Delta Chapter OneFund19$646
Minnesota Delta Chapter OneFund18$1,959
Indiana Epsilon Chapter Housing Fund13$1,375
Ohio Theta Chapter OneFund11$245
Mississippi Alpha Chapter Housing Fund11$6,148
West Virginia Alpha Chapter Housing Fund9$3,229
Scott Sutton Memorial Fund8$514
Indiana Theta Chapter OneFund8$443
Indiana Zeta Chapter OneFund7$1,004
Ohio Epsilon Chapter OneFund6$792
New York Theta Chapter OneFund5$227
California Theta Chapter OneFund5$304
West Virginia Alpha Chapter OneFund5$1,254
Indiana Alpha Chapter OneFund5$1,454
Oregon Beta Chapter OneFund4$827
Shane Yates Fellowship Fund4$1,685
New York Kappa Chapter OneFund4$314
Alabama Alpha Chapter OneFund4$329
Georgia Beta Chapter OneFund3$2,195
Indiana Delta Chapter OneFund3$5,500
Pennsylvania Lambda Chapter OneFund3$519
Ohio Beta Chapter OneFund3$321
Pennsylvania Eta Chapter OneFund3$117
District of Columbia Alpha Chapter OneFund3$145
Michigan Alpha Chapter OneFund3$402
California Gamma Chapter OneFund3$4,052
Pennsylvania Beta Chapter OneFund2$588
Iowa Alpha Chapter OneFund2$150
Indiana Gamma Chapter OneFund2$269
Indiana Eta Chapter OneFund2$269
Indiana Iota Chapter OneFund2$35
Pennsylvania Theta Chapter House Operating Fund2$115
Ohio Eta Chapter OneFund2$194
Louisiana Alpha Chapter OneFund2$200
Rhode Island Beta Chapter OneFund2$75
Texas Beta Chapter OneFund2$400
Tennessee Epsilon Chapter OneFund2$102
Virginia Zeta Chapter OneFund2$294
Illinois Eta Chapter OneFund2$302
Wisconsin Gamma Chapter OneFund2$78
Ohio Lambda Chapter OneFund2$200
Tennessee Delta Chapter OneFund2$152
Texas Alpha (Centennial) Scholarship Fund2$275
Pennsylvania Nu Chapter OneFund1$50
New Jersey Beta Chapter OneFund1$25
Nebraska Alpha Chapter OneFund1$5,000
California Xi Chapter OneFund1$300
Indiana Beta Chapter OneFund1$100
Pennsylvania Upsilon Chapter OneFund1$100
Florida Alpha Chapter OneFund1$125
Oklahoma Alpha Chapter OneFund1$100
Pennsylvania Alpha Chapter OneFund1$52
Minnesota Beta Chapter OneFund1$52
Illinois Zeta Chapter OneFund1$25
California Eta Chapter OneFund1$250
California Zeta Chapter OneFund1$100
Washington Alpha Chapter OneFund1$250
Ohio Nu Chapter OneFund1$19
Iowa Beta Endowed Chapter OneFund1$52
Texas Zeta Chapter OneFund1$52
Kentucky Beta Chapter OneFund1$52
California Beta Chapter Scholarship Fund1$11
Delaware Alpha Chapter OneFund1$85
Iowa Beta Chapter OneFund1$200
Virginia Beta Chapter OneFund1$1,000
Kansas Alpha Chapter OneFund1$19
Ohio Xi Chapter OneFund1$52
California Delta Chapter OneFund1$1,000
Texas Epsilon Chapter OneFund1$25
Wisconsin Alpha Chapter OneFund0$0
Virginia Theta Chapter OneFund0$0
Virginia Eta Chapter OneFund0$0
Virginia Alpha Chapter OneFund0$0
Texas Gamma Chapter OneFund0$0
Rhode Island Alpha Chapter OneFund0$0
Phi Psi Friendship Fund0$0
Pennsylvania Zeta Chapter OneFund0$0
Pennsylvania Xi Chapter OneFund0$0
Pennsylvania Sigma Chapter OneFund0$0
Pennsylvania Rho Chapter OneFund0$0
Pennsylvania Phi Chapter OneFund0$0
Pennsylvania Iota Chapter OneFund0$0
Pennsylvania Gamma Chapter OneFund0$0
Pennsylvania Epsilon Chapter OneFund0$0
Oregon Alpha Chapter OneFund0$0
Ohio Zeta Chapter OneFund0$0
Ohio Pi Chapter OneFund0$0
Ohio Omicron Chapter OneFund0$0
Ohio Mu Chapter OneFund0$0
Ohio Kappa Chapter OneFund0$0
Ohio Delta Chapter OneFund0$0
Ohio Alpha Chapter OneFund0$0
North Carolina Beta Chapter OneFund0$0
New York Iota Chapter OneFund0$0
New York Eta Chapter OneFund0$0
New York Beta Chapter OneFund0$0
New York Alpha Chapter OneFund0$0
New Mexico Alpha Chapter OneFund0$0
New Jersey Gamma Chapter OneFund0$0
New Jersey Epsilon Chapter OneFund0$0
New Jersey Delta Chapter OneFund0$0
New Jersey Alpha Chapter OneFund0$0
Nebraska Beta Chapter OneFund0$0
Missouri Alpha Chapter OneFund0$0
Minnesota Gamma Chapter OneFund0$0
Michigan Beta Chapter OneFund0$0
Michigan Alpha (Michael R. Etzioni) Scholarship Fund0$0
Massachusetts Beta Chapter OneFund0$0
Maryland Gamma Chapter OneFund0$0
Maryland Alpha Chapter OneFund0$0
Louisiana Gamma Chapter OneFund0$0
Louisiana Beta Chapter OneFund0$0
Illinois Theta Chapter OneFund0$0
Illinois Iota Chapter OneFund0$0
Illinois Epsilon Chapter OneFund0$0
Illinois Delta Chapter OneFund0$0
Illinois Alpha Chapter OneFund0$0
Georgia Alpha Chapter OneFund0$0
Colorado Alpha Chapter OneFund0$0
California Nu Chapter OneFund0$0
California Mu Chapter OneFund0$0
California Lambda Chapter OneFund0$0
California Kappa Chapter OneFund0$0
California Iota Chapter OneFund0$0
California Epsilon Chapter OneFund0$0
Arizona Beta Chapter OneFund0$0
Arizona Alpha Chapter OneFund0$0
Alabama Gamma Chapter OneFund0$0
Alabama Beta Chapter OneFund0$0
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