Seniors For Students 2021

This campaign ended on May 29, 2021, but you can still make a gift to Oglethorpe University by clicking here!

Before graduating from Oglethorpe we, the Class of 2021, hope to make a difference for the students who will come after. Seniors for Students aims to do just that. 

This year we're raising money for the Student Emergency Assistance Fund. This fund helps any student who may be at a financial tipping point. It's a safety net to help pay for food, books, rent, utilities, and other living expenses, so students can stay focused on their classes and staying in school. The money raised for the fund will be used to assist students based on the needs the students share with Financial Aid, who will distribute the money. 

We thought this was important because we all know how burdensome financial stressors, like buying expensive textbooks are, and we’d like to take some of the burden off of future students! Join us today by making a gift of ANY size-all gifts make a difference.  

Here are a few stories about students benefiting from the Student Emergency Assistance Fund:

  • One of our recipients is a senior from Atlanta, GA studying Studio Art. She was on track to graduate earlier this year, but had to drop out of her classes to attend to some family matters. In lining things up to return this spring and complete her degree, she found herself having to satisfy her bill with no support after years of receiving support from her parents. She was able to mostly secure the funds needed to finish her degree but found herself short. The Emergency Assistance Grant helped cover some of her remaining gap, and she’s now on track to graduate in May with Latin Honors. 
  • One of our recipients is a senior, who came to Oglethorpe from Nepal. After two years at Oglethorpe, this student’s family experienced some financial changes, making it difficult to continue to afford an Oglethorpe education. The family exhausted all means to help the student through three years, leaving the student with few options to afford her senior year. With a plan that included help from the Emergency Assistance Grant, this student is on track to finish in May with Latin Honors.
  • One of our recipients is a student from Lawrenceville, GA. With the help of a cosigner, he’d been able to take out private loans to fund his first three years at Oglethorpe. But after three strong years as a Physics major, his cosigner was unable to assist with anymore debt. This student’s family does not have the means to contribute to his tuition, leaving him in peril of stopping his education one semester short. With a plan that included help from the Emergency Assistance Grant, this student is enrolled for spring, on track to finish in May with Latin Honors. This student has also recently been admitted to graduate school. 



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