WOW Baltimore Festival 2018

This campaign ended on April 28, 2018, but you can still make a gift to Notre Dame of Maryland University by clicking here!

WOW Baltimore 2018 will take place on Notre Dame of Maryland University's campus on April 28, 2018. WOW – Women of the World festival celebrates women and girls, and looks at the obstacles that stop them from achieving their potential. 

Part of an international network of festivals, Southbank Centre Artistic Director Jude Kelly launched WOW – Women of the World in 2010 to mark the centenary of International Women’s Day, as a major global festival that celebrates women and girls and looks at the obstacles they face, where hundreds of women’s stories could be shared, feelings vented, fun had, minds influenced and hearts expanded.

The ethos of WOW is to create a festival for everyone. It is bold and broad-based in its approach, both lively and serious, and feeds the demand to discuss anything and everything. It brings people together from all corners of society - both speakers and audience members - energizing and providing the inspiration and tools to make change.

Join us in bringing the best speakers, performers, and influencers to Baltimore for WOW Baltimore 2018! Support for our campaign will go towards engaging notable and top-tier speakers as well as providing scholarship tickets to members of the community.



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