Athletics Day of Giving

This campaign ended on May 02, 2018, but you can still make a gift to New England College by clicking here!

Support the New England College athletic team of your choice on our second annual Athletics Day of Giving, May 1, 2019! 

All NEC Pilgrims athletic teams are raising funds for program-enhancing items like travel expenses, spring break trips, equipment, gear, and more. While you always cheer the Pilgrims on to victory during game days, the Athletics Day of Giving is your chance to further support your team! 

Support from alumni, parents, and friends goes a long way towards making student athletes' experience as fulfilling as possible.

Give online May 1st at #GOGRIMS #GRIMSGIVE

Donations by Team

DesignationDonorsDollarsGoal ($)%
Men's Basketball 43$7,701$7,500102.7%
Men's Lacrosse 94$7,143$7,50095.2%
Men's Soccer 46$6,901$4,000172.5%
Rugby 124$6,223$7,50083.0%
Women's Soccer 307$6,095$6,000101.6%
Alpine Skiing 22$5,995$3,000199.8%
Women's Ice Hockey 256$5,386$4,000134.6%
Field Hockey 123$5,350$4,000133.8%
General Athletics 14$4,917$5,00098.3%
Men's Ice Hockey 21$4,681$5,00093.6%
Baseball 35$3,202$7,50042.7%
Women's Lacrosse 89$3,188$5,00063.8%
Wrestling 178$2,689$4,00067.2%
Volleyball 23$2,083$3,50059.5%
Women's Basketball 119$1,840$3,50052.6%
Softball 20$982$4,00024.6%
Cross Country 12$347$1,50023.1%

Donor affiliations

11% Alumni

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13% Students

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15% Parents

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6% Faculty/Staff

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54% Friends

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Donor list

Patrick L Mahoney
Julie a reffner
Joseph P Mahoney
Kathleen Guy
Max Leonard
Mariana Otalvaro
Torrey C McCray Jr.
Kim 'Matthews' Roark photoKim 'Matthews' Roark
Kirsten Morrison
Kelly McDonald
Bobby Freeman
Gary Gorscak
Cheek Family
Navea Luce
Samuel, S, Morrison
Jayden M McPherson
Snookie Gonzalez
Jared’s Chaffee
Michael Starling photoMichael Starling
Larce Fountain
Gio Gonzalez
Bree B Long
Kim cheek
Leo Garcia
Daniel A Valvoda
Andy Piper
Michel Rocheleau
Eric charnley
Jose Gonzalez
Susan M. Zoino
Emily Merrill
Noah Gonzalez
Charles Riley
Justine Reyes
Robbert Knowles

Courtney Banks photoCourtney Banks matched $20
James Saddler photoJames Saddler matched $25
Megan Leo photoMegan Leo matched $35
John Archambeau matched $100
Maria Lewis photoMaria Lewis matched $100
Carly Sweeney photoCarly Sweeney matched $100
Lori Zaniboni matched $100
Megan Leo matched $100
Paul Vazquez photoPaul Vazquez matched $200
Erica Ledy photoErica Ledy matched $200
An Anonymous Donor matched $200
Meridian Land Services, Inc matched $250
Chris Shank matched $400
Lex Scourby photoLex Scourby matched $2,500
Devon Claverie Murphy photoDevon Claverie Murphy gave $20 because 20 donors made a gift in 2 days.
Cathy & Richard Klenk P Johnson gave $23 because $23 was donated in 1 day.
Dawn Ryan gave $100 because 50 donors made a gift in 1 day.
Coach Archambeau gave $100 because 50 donors made a gift in 1 day.