2017 Solar Eclipse - See the Greatest Show in the Universe at MSU!

This campaign ended on September 05, 2017, but you can still make a gift to Missouri State University by clicking here!

We need your help to support one of Earth's rarest events with the public here in Springfield - a Solar Eclipse on August 21! The moon will start crossing the solar disk at 11:44 AM with the maximum coverage of 96% occurring during the sun's peak at 1:18 PM. It will become darker in the middle of the day, birds may begin to chirp, and it may get cooler by a few degrees. A large-scale, free public event will be held at Missouri State University's Plaster Stadium for viewing the solar eclipse. Gates open at 10:30 with the event ending at 2:30. Activities and entertainment will be provided. 

Donations are needed to purchase Solar Eclipse Glasses to safely view the Sun during the eclipse. Each person attending will receive a pair of these glasses. Additional donations will be used to support the activities occurring during the event.

It is extremely important to never look directly at the Sun at any time. Doing so can cause injury to the eye and in some cases, blindness. These glasses are certified to be safe to view the eclipse.

In the case of inclement weather and the event is cancelled, all donors will be invited to an Open House at Baker Observatory.

Please share this campaign with the hashtag #MSUBearsEclipse and consider a gift of any amount!  

If you have any questions about the campaign, please contact Becky Baker at Solareclipse@Missouristate.edu.

*In addition, MSU alumni who make a qualifying gift of $25 or more receive an Active Alumni Member card. 

**The eclipse event at MSU is complete, please keep that in mind when considering incentives.  Incentives including "day of" recognition or access are no longer available, but you are still welcome to make a gift to support the expenses for the event!



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Class Leaderboard

The Class Leaderboard reflects giving from Alumni, Students, Parents
1970 1$25
1972 1$25
1979 1$100
1980 2$50
1988 1$25
1990 1$25
1994 2$175
1995 1$25
2000 1$25
2001 3$60
2004 2$50
2005 2$50
2006 1$50
2007 2$50
2010 1$25
2012 1$25
2018 4$175
2020 2$50

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32% Alumni

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4% Students

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7% Parents

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52% Faculty/Staff

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16% Friends

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Sara Clark
Jennifer Dundee
Dr. Michele D. Smith
Jennifer L Waters
Wendy Ferguson
Lori Vovk
Patty G Ingle
Lori Fan
Jennifer, M, Moore
Lisa Clark
Llewellyn V. Hudson
Katy Frederick-Hudson
Corey M Hudson
Lesley Trottier
Summer Trottier
Jill Whitman photoJill Whitman
Patricia Moore
Leslie Fankhauser
Jerry Fankhauser
Lisa Schultheis photoLisa Schultheis
Anjanette Nowell
Jacqui Coones
Deb Gallion
Robert M Peace
Rachelle Darabi
Rachelle Darabi
Tricia Blankenship photoTricia Blankenship
Dee Siscoe
Sophie Pierpoint photoSophie Pierpoint
Adam, Harbaugh

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Donors will be acknowledged for their support during the eclipse.


None Left!

VIP access to 'THE CLIFF' outdoor terrace in the student section at Plaster Stadium with telescopes to view solar activity pre and post eclipse. Wristbands will be provided to identify VIP guests as they experience all aspects of the event, including activities held on the field. (limited to 75)


Invitation to an event to be held at Baker Observatory (date to be determined) in addition to VIP access and acknowledgement during the eclipse


Private tour and observing at Baker Observatory (at an agreed upon date) in addition to VIP access and acknowledgment during the eclipse through a Shout Out on the Jumbo Tron.

DONATE $1,000

Participate remotely (via computer) in an observing session at the NASA Infrared Telescope Facility (late hours required) TBD, as Dr. Peter Plavchan conducts observations in the search for exoplanets in addition to VIP access and acknowledgement during the eclipse through a Shout Out on the Jumbo Tron. Must be able to participate during the nights Dr. Plavchan has observing time.