On P.A.R. with Cancer

This campaign ended on January 31, 2019, but you can still make a gift to Miami Dade College by clicking here!

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Cancer is a disease plaguing the lives of most individuals. Thus, it is a problem that is not only applicable to the residents of our local community of Little Havana, but more so at a global scale. However, with the proper motivation and intensified efforts, the incessant effects of cancer can be halted. 
The On P.A.R. with Cancer initiative is a project consisting of three integral components centered on cancer Prevention, Awareness and Research (“P.A.R.”). As the Miami Dade College Beta Kappa Iota chapter of Phi Theta Kappa, our vision for our Honors in Action initiative, a community-based project, will revolve around this multifaceted cancer awareness campaign.

The initiative will consist of multiple workshops/seminars in many different topics relating to cancer and also there will be three main events. The first event being the On P.A.R. with Cancer 5k Walk, which is set to be held on October 6th, 2018. Professor Diego Tibaquirá’s 52.4 miles run around the Grand Canyon will be our second event and is scheduled to take place on October 13th, 2018. Lastly, the On P.A.R. with Cancer Festival for the Cures will not only be our signature event, but culminate a semester’s worth of academic and informative forums. The festival will take place on November 2nd, 2018 at the Miami Dade College InterAmerican campus.

100% of all funds collected will be used to further strengthen the fight against cancer as they will be donated amongst several cancer foundations sharing the same mission.


Muchas gracias por su regalo y apoyo en el proyecto en P.A.R con el Cáncer!

El cáncer es una enfermedad que influye las vidas de muchas personas. Por lo tanto, es un conflicto que no solo afecta a los residentes de nuestra comunidad local de La Pequeña Habana, sino a una escala global. Sin embargo, con la motivación adecuada y esfuerzos intensificados, se pueden detener los efectos incesantes del cáncer. 

La iniciativa “On P.A.R with Cancer” es un proyecto basado en tres componentes centrados en la prevención, conciencia e investigación del cáncer. Como el capítulo Beta Kappa Iota de Phi Theta Kappa en Miami Dade College, nuestra visión para nuestra iniciativa “Honors in Action,” un proyecto comunitario, consiste de esta campaña concentrada en el cáncer.

El proyecto consiste de varias charlas y seminarios relacionadas con diferentes areas de cancer y tres eventos principales. El primero será el “On P.A.R. with Cancer 5k Walk,” en octubre 13, 2018. Nuestro segundo evento consiste de una carrera de 52.4 millas  (84 Km) alrededor del Gran Cañón del Colorado, la cual va hacer hecha por el professor Diego Tibaquirá. Finalmente, nuestro último evento es el “On P.A.R. with Cancer Festival for the Cures,” el cual es una culminación de nuestros esfuerzos. El festival tomará lugar en InterAmerican campus de Miami Dade College, en noviembre 2, 2018.

100% de los fondos recaudados serán utilizados para continuar la lucha contra el cancer.  

To make a donation via check, please address it to Miami Dade College Foundation, Inc. and include On P.A.R with Cancer on the memo line. Mail the check to the following address:
Miami Dade College Foundation
300 NE 2nd Ave, Ste 1423-1
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