Charlie Papazian Brewing Education Lab

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Charlie Papazian Brewing Education Lab
This fund was created to provide support to name the new Charlie Papazian Brewing Education Lab for the Brewery Operations Program at MSU Denver. The lab will honor Charlie’s many contributions to the world of beer and train future industry leaders. Funds to be used for construction costs, the purchase and maintenance of equipment and to support the Brewery Operations Program.  For more information about the labs, please visit our website. Information about the Colorado Enterprise Zone Tax Credit is available here

Impact of the Charlie Papazian Brewing Education Lab
The new brewing lab will benefit students, the University and the brewing industry. Along with moving the existing 15-gallon Ruby Street brewing systems and adding the 3.5bbl brewhouse and fermentation vessels, the lab will expand bar seating in Degree, the restaurant located in the attached University-owned SpringHill Suites hotel.

Hotel guests, visiting brewers, students 21+, the community and beer enthusiasts will have access to an informal tasting panel of student-brewed beer and provide important sensory feedback on the taste and quality of the product. Students will learn how to implement a formal sensory program in the Sensory Quality Analysis for Beer class they take as part of the program.

Your Support
With partners like you, we are building a bright future for our students and advancing the beer industry. Honor the legacy of a changemaker in the industry and support the next generation of brewers by making a gift to the Charlie Papazian Brewing Education Lab. 

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