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This campaign ended on October 02, 2022, but you can still make a gift to McCallie School by clicking here!
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What is the McCallie-Baylor Parent Challenge?

It is an opportunity for our parents to unite and Beat Baylor on more than just the athletic fields. In the spirit of a friendly rivalry, we have partnered in a fundraising challenge that will strengthen both schools. 

McCallie's athletic rivalry with that school across the river goes back for decades. The good-natured competition, seen at its best each year during the McCallie-Baylor football game, will be the the source of many memories for your sons. After last year's success, both schools have decided to renew the friendly competition between the parents and so it is once again it's McCallie's Honor Fund vs. The Baylor Fund. We want to challenge you, our parents, to help us Beat Baylor by making a gift of any size to The Honor Fund. The school that has the highest parent participation percentage will win! 

Our goal is to have at least 650 of our current parents make a gift. Regardless of the number, McCallie wins when it has a greater percentage of our parents supporting their school as compared to "that other school." 

How you can help Beat Baylor 

  1. Make a gift online (you're already halfway there, just click Give Now in the right hand corner to do so. There are no credit card costs associated with your gift so 100% of your gift goes directly to McCallie)
  2. The challenge runs between September 12 and October 2 (the competition ends at 11:59pm EST
  3. Raise awareness by using the #McCallieBaylorChallenge hashtag on social media
  4. Get involved by encouraging your fellow parents to give

Why Beat Baylor?

This year will be the 87th time we have played on the football field. So, help us win again, on and off the field. Use the #McCallieBaylorChallenge hashtag in your social media posts to easily spread the word! 

Your Gift Makes a Difference!

No matter the size of your gift, your donation will be counted in the challenge. Through your gift to The Honor Fund, you are supporting the remarkable faculty that are impacting your son/s daily! Here are the ways to help:

๐ŸŽ) Make a gift - you can even set up a custom gift match or challenge gift on this page! And remember, any gift, no matter the size will be a part of helping us Beat Baylor!

๐Ÿค—) Become an advocate - Click on the 'Advocate' tab and sign up to inspire others to participate and track your impact.  Energize the Big Blue community with a Matching Donation or Challenge Gift!   

๐Ÿ’Œ) Share, Share, Share - Share via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Text Message, Email, Phone Call, Pony Express, Telegram, Carrier Pigeon, or morse code (well...maybe not the last 4) ... however you best communicate. Help us inspire others to support McCallie! 


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9th Grade - Day43$7,63110541.0%
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North Hutch Dorm33$9,3366055.0%
8th Grade65$5,93610462.5%
Belk Dorm51$11,2405494.4%
10th Grade - Day47$5,66011042.7%
Founders Dorm36$6,9814090.0%
7th Grade45$5,2298453.6%
South Hutch Dorm33$4,2865461.1%
11th Grade - Day36$5,05111730.8%
6th Grade51$5,0908460.7%
Pressly Dorm59$17,3877380.8%
12th Grade - Day43$12,67210939.4%
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Gave $2,500 because 10 gifts were made during a Challenge!
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Gave $2,500 because 12 gifts were made during a Challenge!
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