Virtual Stadium Sell Out 2022

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This campaign ended on October 15, 2022, but you can still make a gift to Marietta College by clicking here!
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An Anonymous DonorMary Studders Korn '82 matched $1,500

There's nothing more exciting than a stadium full of passionate Pioneer fans! 

While we hope to fill Don Drumm Stadium in person this Homecoming, we still want to give fans across the world the opportunity to support our teams and cheer on the Pioneers. We again invite alumni, students, families, staff and fans to show their support and help us sell out a virtual Don Drumm Stadium, too, by purchasing tickets between September 15 and October 15. Every $10 increment will count as one ticket sold as we hope to fill all 5,000 virtual seats! 

You can choose to support your favorite Pioneer team, split your gift between teams you love, or benefit student-athletes as a whole by directing your gift to the Pioneer Club or the Women's Sports Fund. New this year, you can also represent a team that is no longer active on campus; when you do, your donation will be directed to the Pioneer Club which benefits our entire athletic community.

Thank you for honoring these Pioneers with your gifts!

  • Logan Wern Aguiniga '10 (from Bethany McFarland Leslie '12)
  • Jenna Anderson '18 (from Marilyn and Donald Anderson)
  • Dane Barker '23 (from Peggy Barker)
  • Addison Black (from Jude & Trent Black)
  • Kelsey Bowman (from Erika Smith)
  • Jayden Bradshaw '26 (from Sarah Bradshaw)
  • John Burns '81 (from Jay Moses '81)
  • Natalie Cocco '23 (from Anonymous, from Alison Cocco, from Melanie Hamilton, and from Edmund Vilsack)
  • Maggie Downard '26 (from Pat Harsh, from Taylor Sturm and from Meg West)
  • Amira El-Masri (from Tracy El-Masri and from Estelle Fark)
  • Braya Elsea (from Wendy Thieman)
  • Emily Etheridge '23 (from Alix Etheridge and from Andrew Etheridge)
  • Danny Flood '26 (from Lisa Flood)
  • Giavana Germana (from Kim Germana and from Paul Germana)
  • Jim Glover (from JJ Hayes '97)
  • Kayla Godwin (from Heidi Burkey)
  • Havana Gomez '26 (from Christi Gomez)
  • Andrew Good (from Jason Mackay '08)
  • Ally Grake (from Matt Honigford)
  • Reginald Grayek IV (from the Bezdecki-Grayek Family)
  • Tyler Hammond '14 (from Rita Hammond)
  • Michaela Hess '22 (from Aleena Hess, from Mike Hess, and from Raeann Hess)
  • Coach Jeff Hugel (from Deborah Williams '83)
  • Michelle Bosc Kemp (from Amy Harris)
  • Wynn Kenyon (from William O'Grady '70)
  • Violet LeClair (from Jennifer Roth '87)
  • Kelly Levering (from Ken Levering)
  • Ty'reik Martin #5 (from Nerissa Martin)
  • Abby May (from Larry Chalfant, from Lee Chalfant, from Jeff & Traci May, from Leon May, from Nick May, and from Mary & Dan Rodenbucher)
  • Megan McGriff (from Lauren and Loren, from Kelly McGriff, from Emily Millison and from Jenelle Millison)
  • Ben Millard '25 (from Steve & Lisa Millard)
  • Mackenzie Moran '25 (from Jeff & Julie Moran)
  • Marietta Men's Lacrosse (from David & Stacey Franklin)
  • Jess Melvin (from Erika Smith)
  • MNM '24 (from Jennifer Carter)
  • Mr. and Baby Coach (from Len Nadrah)
  • My First MCWLAX Team (from Lindsay Reho)
  • Coach Nadrah (from Tammy Nadrah)
  • Myranda Payne '25 (from Jeanne Schauwecker)
  • Alexis Pennell '23 (from Alexis Dalrymple '22 and from Rick Smith)
  • Marley Phillippe '24 (from Kristi Bowman and from Christie & Toby Hurley)
  • Pioneer Basketball (from Anonymous)
  • Alayna Ricker (from Erika Smith)
  • Adrianna Salyer (from Erika Smith)
  • Hannah Schill (from Jay & Mary Schill)
  • Mike Schonewolf (from Robert Oziomek '88)
  • Kaylie Ward (from Erika Smith)
  • Sahmi Willoughby (from Erica Darthard)
  • Women's Lacrosse 2018-2022 Teams (from Malory Nadrah)
352 days ago by Kathryn Gloor
Support Esports

In addition to showing your support for Esports during our Virtual Stadium Sell Out, you can stream their games live via Twitch

Click here to view their current schedule, and ensure you don't miss a match of your favorite game!

361 days ago by Kathryn Gloor
Help your team win prizes!

When you make a gift, you're not only showing your support for your favorite Pioneer team, but you could also help them win additional prizes thanks to the generosity of Tracy Gardella Jacob '76 & Bill Jacob '76!

Most Fans! A $1,000 prize will be awarded to the team that secures the highest number of individual donors.

Most Seats! A $500 prize will be awarded to the team that sells the highest number of virtual seats.

Most Spirit! The Advocate who generates the most clicks will be awarded a $500 cash prize to distribute to the team of their choice.

Check the leaderboards often to see who is currently in the lead, and don't forget that you could win that $500 prize for your favorite team when you use the Advocate tools to spread the word!

366 days ago by Kathryn Gloor

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Men's Lacrosse15$650
Women's Sports Fund17$725
Women's Soccer12$610
Men's Basketball29$2,286
Women's Basketball10$465
Men's Crew11$475
Track and Cross Country10$140
Men's Tennis1$50
Women's Tennis4$135
Men's Soccer3$1,125
Ice Hockey0$0
Intramurals and DBRC0$0
Field Hockey1$300
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