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This campaign ended on October 01, 2020, but you can still make a gift to Lincoln College by clicking here!

It’s hard to imagine what it must have been like to be a student waiting for A-level results this year. The constant chop and change of government policy must have been hugely stressful. But, for those who applied to Lincoln, there's something exciting to look forward to: life as Lincolnite.  

For the new members of the Lincoln family, things are going to be a bit different this year. It’s enormously heartening that our family is going to grow so much. Lincoln has been able to place each student with an offer and can even say that they won't have to defer any offers. That’s a huge achievement and reflects our commitment to grow our community and diversify it. 

This plentiful crop of freshers is going to have an unusual experience. Everything we took for granted: dinners in hall, tutorials in tiny rooms in the Mitre, pints down Deepers, Sunday evenings in chapel will all change. 

Those of us who campaigned hard to make sure our family grew as it should this year knew that there’d be a cost. Covid costs money. More students means more costs. And those of us who went to Oxford in happier times, have asked the College how we can help? We know that it’s been a huge amount of work for the team at College and that financial pressures have added up too: 

Extra dining and socialising space in Chapel Quad has cost £18,000.

Making teaching rooms safe has cost £4,000.

Masks for all students and staff will cost £3,000.

And, importantly, Lincoln has committed to providing a level playing field for all. That means that those students who missed out on essential education this year are given extra tuition and classes so that they can succeed. 

So, the alumni have gathered together and asked how shall we help? Our plan is to raise £22,000 to show that the whole of the Lincoln family is behind this exceptional year group. 

We hope that you’ll join us by donating,

Best always,

Ian Brownhill (03) and Dave Foster (00) 


Participation by Matriculation Year

The Participation by Matriculation Year reflects giving from Alumni
1996 1£25
1998 2£75
1999 3£150
2000 4£9,150
2001 2£125
2002 6£350
2003 7£3,600
2004 3£200
2005 6£875
2006 1£25
2007 2£300
2009 1£50
2012 4£100
2015 1£40

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4% Students

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2% Faculty/Staff

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Luc Henry
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Richard Ludlow
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Claire Hickling
Jade Broughton Adams
Rebecca Gould
Rose Grogan
Phil Martin
Katy Grundy
Richard Ecob
Oliver Linch
Jo Burch
Ed Hayes
Jason Pawluk
Lynsey Duffield
Ian Brownhill
Eleanor Stringer
Helen Johnson
Kirsten Sample
Chris Sutton
Sarah Simms
Johanna Lim

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