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The Lehigh University Space Initiative is a student-run club that is designed to foster students' passion for all things space and astronautics. Members are encouraged to gain hands-on experience within the club, whether it be in design, manufacturing, software, assembly, or business. Through this process, long-lasting friendships are able to thrive amongst members, and networking connections between students, faculty, astronautics and aerospace industry professionals are built. LUSI is an official chapter of Students for Exploration & Development of Space (SEDS USA), which is an international student organization to promote space exploration through educational and engineering projects.

The University Rover Challenge (URC) is an international engineering competition centered around designing and assembling the next generation of Mars rover. The Lehigh University Space Initiative has gathered a group of students passionate about astronautics, and hungry for experience. Our members range in majors from Computer Science, to Mechanical Engineering, to Business, and combines students of all ages and levels of experience in engineering and robotics. This diversity within our organization allows for the maximum amount of different perspectives and viewpoints as we attack this project. Our overall mission as a club for this project is to not only create the best rover we can that represents Lehigh’s high level of engineering skill, but also to use the competitive angle of this project to our advantage; driving us to learn firsthand the importance of thoughtful engineering, using proper design and manufacturing techniques, all of which students will be taught through their roles on the LUSI URC team.

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