David E. Barclay Endowed Scholarship in History

This campaign ended on June 30, 2021, but you can still make a gift to Kalamazoo College by clicking here!

Alumni, current and retired faculty and staff, and friends of the College have established the David E. Barclay Endowed Scholarship in History to honor Dr. Barclay and his 43 years at the College. Professors of History Emeriti David Strauss and John Wickstrom were the driving forces behind the fundraising initiative to create this scholarship.  

Dr. Barclay devoted his professional life to researching, writing and teaching European history. As a scholar, he achieved national and international distinction for his work in modern German history. He shared his achievements in those fields with several generations of students while working tirelessly to expand the influence of the History Department at K.  

The David E. Barclay Endowed Scholarship in History will be awarded every year to a junior or senior history major or minor who demonstrates exemplary capacity for and commitment to scholarly work in the department.

Donors include:

Catherine Adams-Gravley and Adam Gravely

Adam Beckwith

Monica and Marko Belej

Ann and Sandy Benett

Gregory Bergin

Nathaniel and Vivienne Bolin

James and Cheryl Brennan

Jane Burchfield

Steven and Laura Cairns

Alexander Cheng

Carter Dougherty and Hannah Deutsch

Harold and Billie Fischer

Joe and Louise Fugate

Gregory Gamalski and Lori Lutz

Kathy Greenberger

The late Tod Groff

Jessica and Brian Heintz

Derek and Char Hewitt

Molly Horrigan

Frank and Nancy Kisslinger

Terri Kline

Edith Linton

Jonathan and Cynthia Lupton

Doria Lynch

Evie Madvig

Elizabeth Manwell

Jason and Rebecca Maynard

Andy Miller and Mary-Katherine Thompson Miller

Whitney Nielsen and David Klements

Dona and Michael Nishi

Joseph and Wendy Nuyen

Paul and Sally Olexia

Stacy and James Pfluecke

Stacey and Mike Pniewski

Franklin and Paula Presler

Sue Rokos

Barry and Jane Ross

Elizabeth Ross

David and Janet Scarrow

Sheryl and Tom Schrot

Carol Smith

Martin Sostoi

Paul and Pam Sotherland

Bob Stauffer

Marty and Dave Stone

David and Dhera Strauss

Joel Townsend

John and Elaine Wickstrom

Susan and James Woods

Tony and Kay Woods

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