Dolphin Dash 2022

124% of $2,500,000 goal
This campaign ended on October 24, 2022, but you can still make a gift to Jacksonville University by clicking here!
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An Anonymous DonorLauren Kelly Griffith & Chuck Griffith matched $5 for each donor, donating a total of $250Just for Parents

An Anonymous DonorCandace Dickens matched $1 for each $1 donated, donating a total of $500

An Anonymous DonorMaggie Couture matched $1 for each $1 donated, donating a total of $500Just for Volleyball

An Anonymous DonorTeresa MacGregor matched $10 for each donor, donating a total of $500Just for Faculty/Staff

An Anonymous DonorTim Snyder matched $1 for each $1 donated, donating a total of $1,000Just for Faculty/Staff

An Anonymous DonorCari & Erich Freiberger matched $1 for each $1 donated, donating a total of $1,000Just for Linda Berry Stein College of Fine Arts

An Anonymous DonorMark Tillman matched $1 for each $1 donated, donating a total of $1,000Just for Faculty/Staff

Lisa Sutherland photoLisa Sutherland matched $5 for each donor, donating a total of $1,000Just for Students

An Anonymous DonorBarbara Ritter & Brandon Charpied matched $1 for each $1 donated, donating a total of $1,000

An Anonymous DonorAlex Ricker-Gilbert & Hilary Ricker-Gilbert matched $1 for each $1 donated, donating a total of $2,500Just for Athletics

An Anonymous DonorBarnes & Noble College matched $1 for each $1 donated, donating a total of $20,000
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Preston Weinard photoPreston Weinard gave $20 because 40 donors gaveJust for Men's Rowing

Preston Weinard photoPreston Weinard gave $30 because 30 donors gaveJust for Men's Rowing

An Anonymous DonorKatherine Steele gave $50 because $150 was given by donorsJust for Alpha Epsilon Phi

An Anonymous DonorHeather Downs gave $100 because 25 donors gaveJust for Green Key

Get ready to GIVE FORWARD for Dolphin Dash! The rest of the year is about giving back; Dolphin Dash is about powering forward. Between February 14-18, alumni, students, families, faculty, staff, friends and fans put Phins first and push Jacksonville University further than ever before!

Last year, almost 6,000 Dolphins like you came together to raise over $2.4 million for the areas of campus you love the most!

Every gift large and small matters. For five days, exciting challenges and incentives can turn your $10 gift into a $10,000 gift. So fuel impact. Supercharge dollars into change. Let passion power progress. Let's GIVE FORWARD together.

Know that your gift is bolstered by thousands of Dolphins working together to invest in our students, improve Jacksonville University's national reputation and U.S. News & World Report rankings, and support the area on campus that means the most to you!  Pick your challenge, support your favorites, and help them DASH to the finish!

Ready. Set. DASH!

P.S: Want to help make BIG waves for this campaign? Use the social media toolkit to spread the word!


What are the Dolphin Dash Challenges?
There are six Challenges that make up Dolphin Dash: The Athletics Challenge, Affinity Network Challenge, College Challenge, Greek Challenge, JAXRecwell Challenge, and the Sailing vs. Shooting Challenge. You may choose to participate in one or all of the challenges. Each challenge has an exciting incentive for the winner!

Can I participate in more than one Challenge?
Yes- you can give to any (or all!) of the Challenges during Dolphin Dash! To give to multiple challenges, make each gift directly through the Challenge page. The results of each Challenge are calculated from gifts make directly through that Challenge page.

Can I make a gift to an area of campus outside of the Challenges?
To make a gift outside of a Challenge, scroll to the bottom of the giving page and include the name of the fund you would like to support. 

Can my employer match a gift during Dolphin Dash?
Yes! See if your employer has a matching gift program.

Do I have to give online?
While we prefer gifts to be made online to be added to the totals live, you may also mail your gift in advance to:

Jacksonville University
University Advancement
2800 University Blvd N
Jacksonville, FL 32211

Be sure to include “Dolphin Dash” in the memo line. Donations can also be made over the phone. If you are interested in making a non-cash gift, or planned gift during Dolphin Dash, please call (904) 256-7095. To ensure your gift count toward one of the Dolphin Dash challenges, make your gift online February 14-18.

When does Dolphin Dash start and finish?
Dolphin Dash begins at midnight on Monday, February 14, 2022 and ends at 11:59 p.m. on Friday, February 18, 2022.

Where do I find the Dolphin Dash social media toolkit?
Sign up to be a Dolphin Dash Champion to receive a digital social media toolkit and a complimentary champion gift! Your toolkit will include:

  • Facebook and Twitter cover photos
  • Facebook profile picture frame
  • Facebook, Instagram and Twitter post images
  • Suggested caption
  • Hashtags
A Week to Remember 🐬💚

Dolphin Dash 2022 has come to a close, leaving us in complete awe of the results. 7,336 members of the PhinFam came together to raise over $3,120,000 for our students and programs. We are so grateful for the wave of support you have created, and for the generosity of the entire Dolphin community. THANK YOU for fueling impact and powering progress for Jacksonville University!

In the last hours of the challenge, we had multiple leaderboard takeovers. Men's and Women's Lacrosse beat Men's Soccer to place first in the Athletics challenge. The Varsity Sailing and Shooting teams each won a category, splitting the winnings after a long back-and-forth battle all week. And the Black Alumni Network finally came out victorious in their neck and neck race with the Green Key Alumni Network.  

We also had more than 770 students participate as a Dasher, unlocking the three, $10,000 scholarships from the Board of Trustees. We are so excited to award these scholarships to three of our participating students! Phins Up!

This goes to show that every donor and every dollar can make BIG WAVES here at JU. Thank you for making your gift, sharing updates on social media, and telling your fellow alumni friends and family about Dolphin Dash. We could not have done this without you!

793 days ago by Sierra Aitken
The Countdown is On! ⏰

Phins, we have officially surpassed 5,000 donors and $3 MILLION!

What a week! But it isn't done yet. A lot can happen in 6 hours! There are still leaderboards to be topped and prizes to be won for our student groups, teams, and programs!

Remember, when 750 students give to Dolphin Dash, the Board of Trustees will unlock three $10,000 student scholarships! We are only 100 students away - so tell your friends!

Make sure to check the live leaderboards and see who is in the lead. Every donor makes a difference!

Dash On Dolphins! 🐬

794 days ago by Sierra Aitken
​$2 Million Looks Good on Us 🤩

Don’t Panic! We have crossed the $2 million mark! 🤯

Excited Animation GIF

A huge thank you to everyone that has helped GIVE FORWARD and make waves for current and future Jacksonville University students! As a reminder, you have until tomorrow night at midnight to pick your favorite challenge, so keep on Dashing! 💪

Our most sincere thanks goes out to Tim ’81 and Stephanie Cost, who have just generously contributed over $140,000 to bring us to a total of more than $2,000,000 raised during #DolphinDash! Keeping students at the heart of every decision they make for the University, their gift impacts ALL of our Dolphin Dash Challenges, including each athletic teamGreek organizationcollege and institutealumni affinity group, the Class of 2022 giving campaign, and JU’s Greatest Needs. THANK YOU!


794 days ago by Sierra Aitken
Day 3: Leaderboard Switch Up!

Today Barnes & Noble College unlocked a dollar for dollar $20,000 match for JU's greatest needs! Thanks to all Dolphins that gave today for double the impact! To celebrate, Dunk’n got a ride on the Dash Mobile to share the news on campus. 🚙💨🐬

Today, the stakes were raised for alumni participation in the Greek Life Challenge. Each Greek organization currently active on campus that gets 10 alumni donors will receive $500 for their chapter, 25 alumni donors gets $1,000, and 50 alumni donors receives $2,000. Phins Up to ADPi, TriDelta, AKA, AEPhi, and Gamma Phi for already reaching alumni benchmarks!!

Shots were fired between Coach Faudree and Coach Dobson in the Sailing vs. Shooting Challenge today. Check out @jax_sailing and @jushootingteam on Instagram to see how varsity sports are heating up!

FUN FACT: We have a Dolphin Dasher from every state except South Dakota, Wyoming, and Alaska. Who wants to phone a friend? 📞🌎

The week isn’t over yet! Is your favorite collegeathletic teamclub sportaffinity group, or Greek Life chapter on top of the leaderboard?

Don’t forget to make a gift of any size and tell your friends to do the same to shake up the leaderboards again! Thousands of prize dollars for your programs are up for grabs!

Dash on!

795 days ago by Sierra Aitken
Dolphins, WE HIT $1,000,000!! ✨

Thank you to over 1,700 members of the PhinFam that gave already to help push our students and programs into the future. 

In just one day, the Davis College of Business had the most alumni donors and won $5,000 for the Barnes & Noble College Fast Start Challenge! #PhinsUp!

Animation Laughing GIF by Channel Frederator

Later today, the Linda Berry Stein College of Fine Arts took the lead for the most cash raised at over $260,000. Both of these colleges are close to hitting the 50 alumni donor benchmark for an extra $1,000!

Artist Painting GIF

JU Athletics is full steam ahead for the top of the leaderboard! Men’s Soccer remains in the lead with 365 donors and Baseball knocked Softball from the top position of most dollars raised. Athletic teams are still competing for most donors in the Fast Start Challenge which ends midnight tonight! Looks like this match will go to Men’s Soccer, but the night isn’t over yet! ⚽

In the JAX RecWell Challenge, club sports are head-to-head for most donors and dollars raised. Esports leveled up and is tied with Club Tennis for the most donors! At this point, the $1,500 prize is anyone’s game! 🐬🎮

Alpha Delta Pi is leading the way for the Greek Life Challenge leaderboard with both the most donors and dollars. Alpha Delta Pi and Delta Delta Delta both hit alumni donor benchmarks today for extra prize money. Alpha Kappa Alpha, you just need 3 more alumni donors for an extra $250. We are looking at you!

That’s a wrap on Day 2! Make sure to spread the word and make a gift of any size to the area that means the most to you.

Dash on Dolphins! 🐬🏁

P.S - Follow @jacksonvilleu and @jualumni on Instagram for more updates!

797 days ago by Sierra Aitken
The Race is On! 🏁

It's full speed ahead for our Phins! Already over 800 Dolphin donors have made their mark on our students and programs. 

Racing Dolphins

The Barnes & Noble College Alumni Fast Start Challenge ends tonight! Thanks to our friends at Barnes & Noble College, the JU College with the most alumni donors by midnight on Monday, February 14 will win an additional $5,000 towards their programming. 

Alumni PhinFam - if you don't see your College in the lead, make sure to make a gift of any size and tell your friends! A lot can happen in 6 hours!


798 days ago by Sierra Aitken

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