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Women's History Month Empowerment Fund

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How To Become an Advocate

Make your impact at GiveCampus University by encouraging your classmates, family, and friends to support Women's History Month Empowerment Fund. Take any—or all!— of the steps below to become an Advocate.

While logged into your GiveCampus user account, all sharing buttons generate a campaign link that is unique to you. When you use these buttons to share the campaign or the advocacy dashboard, your impact will be tracked and celebrated next to your name on the Advocates tab on the campaign page.

Leverage your gift to encourage others to give! Offering a Match means that you’ll give a number of dollars for every dollar or donor that the campaign receives up to your specified maximum gift amount. Offering a Challenge means that you’ll give a gift if the campaign receives a certain number of donors or dollars.

A Personal Plea is a quick video in which you tell the GiveCampus University community why you’re excited about the campaign, and why others should get involved. A member of the GiveCampus University team will review your Plea, and as soon as it’s been approved, it will go live on the campaign.


Share the campaign / advocacy dashboard to track the number of clicks, gifts, and dollars you generate!

Note: If you share without signing up or logging in, your impact will be counted as a Community Advocate.

Matches / Challenges

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Personal Plea

Record a short video

Tell your friends why you support Women's History Month Empowerment Fund, and why your friends should do the same. TIP: Shoot the video in landscape mode!

Upload your video

After you upload the video, we'll provide you with a link to share with your friends.


When you share the unique link with your friends they will see your video and have the chance to support the campaign too.

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