Vivian's Project - Virtual Climate Education

This campaign ended on September 11, 2020, but you can still make a gift to Girl Scouts Nation's Capital Gold Award Projects by clicking here!

Climate education is something that is often lacking from today’s science curricula, but it’s absolutely crucial to establish that foundation of knowledge so that we aren’t debating as adults about the impacts of climate change. If people are informed about climate science and its importance from a younger age, they can sow the seeds for future change. That education starts with including climate science as part of the general curriculum in middle and high school.

My team and I plan to combat this issue by creating an online mini-course about sustainability and climate science geared towards middle/high school students, and hopefully get the unit included in the Montgomery County Public Schools middle school curriculum. By donating, you'll allow us to serve the website online and provide certificates and incentives for students to complete the course.

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