Kelly's Project - Erosion Prevention

This campaign ended on November 24, 2019, but you can still make a gift to Girl Scouts Nation's Capital Gold Award Projects by clicking here!

Hi!  My name is Kelly Daly and I am working on my Gold Award project.  

My Gold Award is about teaching the importance of preventing soil erosion and was inspired by one of my favorite landmarks at a local Girl Scout camp, Pooh's Tree at Camp Potomac Woods. Me and many other fellow Girl Scouts have had many fond memories throughout the years at Pooh's Tree. As you can see in this video, Pooh's Tree is in danger due to soil erosion.  This problem is not isolated to just Camp Potomac Woods, however.  Across the country and around the globe, soil erosion is an ongoing issue due to many reasons including mining, logging, construction, and recreational activities.  

So how can I help?  Well, as a part of my Gold Award project I am working with a local Regional Park, Bull Run Park, to build two campsites for campers.  The campsites are intended to help prevent soil erosion by minimizing the amount of human activity away from the camp site.  I will also be conducting a couple of information sessions about soil erosion at Bull Run Park.

You can help me complete my project in a couple of ways.  You can either contribute to my Gold Award project costs or you can complete your own soil conservation project at home or when out and about.  How do I do that you might ask?  By staying in marked pathways and not going into unmarked areas, leaving campsites or the outdoors better than you found it by picking up litter or trash, improving drainage areas in your yard,  or by planting grass, trees, shrubs.

Thank you for watching my video and hearing about my Gold Award project.

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