SU 37-07 Pumpkin Palooza

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Service Unit 37-07 SHARE Campaign

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Service Unit 37-07 SHARE Campaign
SU 37-07 Pumpkin Palooza
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We are thrilled and excited to announce our annual SHARE Pumpkin Palooza Event through the generosity and community spirit of the Gaver family.  Pumpkin Palooza, will once again be held at the Gaver Farm in New Market, MD!  Continuing with tradition, our girls will be showing off their creativity and leadership skills by building and managing their own fall themed booths, and the girls with their families and friends will also enjoy all the attractions of the Gaver's Fall Fun Festival which includes a 5 acre corn maze, a giant air pillow, a mega slide, a petting zoo, and over 20 more fall festival activities! 

To participate, each girl just needs to make a SHARE donation.  What SHARE funds:  Financial Assistance - which covers membership and troop dues, girl supplies, and program fees.  Camps - maintains our 8 outdoor camps and ensures every girl has the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors.  Programs - support all levels of troop and camp programs.  Volunteer Support - supports all volunteer resources and provides free and reduced cost training.

100% of your donation to SHARE stays with our Council to support our Girl Scouts and volunteers.

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Troop00000 5$50
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