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This campaign ended on December 31, 2020, but you can still make a gift to Girl Scouts Nation's Capital Annual Giving by clicking here!
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Support Girl Scouts Nation's Capital this Giving Tuesday! 

We need your help to make sure every girl can stay connected to a supportive community, safely explore the outdoors, and know that nothing is out of reach when she's a Girl Scout! 100% of your gift will directly help girls & adults in our Council with financial aid, camp maintenance, one-of-a-kind Girl Scout programing, and volunteer training and support.  

We know that Girl Scouts are stronger together. Let's unite as a community and make a difference in the lives of Girl Scouts in our community. 

Here's how you can help:

1. Give a gift- your gift, no matter the size, will help keep girls in Girl Scouting. 

2. Be an advocate- click on the advocate button to help spread the word AND track how many dollars and donors you have generated!

3. Post a short video or photo and share why you have chosen to support Girl Scouts Nation's Capital's financial aid campaign. 

Thank you for supporting your sister Girl Scout!

Thank you for making a difference!

360 days ago by Kayla Eaton
Gold Award Girl Scouts are Changing Their Communities

"There are 1.9 million children with depression, but there are no statistics for African American girls. I feel my project is starting the conversation. Being a Gold Award Girl Scout, I learned that you can select a topic that's very personal to you and use the information to create change."

-Gold Award Girl Scout Danielle B.

Our Gold Award Girl Scouts are identifying and tackling issues related to mental health. Danielle's Gold Award project focused on mental health awareness for Black girls ages 8-10. She created a website to let girls know they are not alone. Young, Beautiful, Black Girls, helps girls identify and understand depression and provides them with lifelong tools and resources for coping. 

Thank you Danielle for making a difference and pursuing your passions!

366 days ago by Kayla Eaton
Girl Scouts Keeps Girls Connected

"As soon as we moved to Andrews Air Force Base in 2018, we joined Troop 6699. For the girls in our troop, Girl Scouts is home. Military families move a lot and often mid-season. Finding a troop is sometimes one of the first things parents do because it is familiar and gives girls a sense of belonging and comfort while helping them to adapt to their new home. 

After joining our troop, my girls were embraced by other girls on base and made supportive friends. My middle daughter was extremely shy; at her first cookie booth she hid under the table. Now, she has completely come out of her shell. She is confident and has found her voice. I think this is because she has found peers who accept and uplift her. She has been exposed to new things and learned what she is capable of – anything."
-Tamara P. Girl Scout mom in Troop 6699

367 days ago by Kayla Eaton
Thank you for your support <3

We are gearing up for #GivingTuesday and we at Girl Scouts Nation's Capital want to thank you for your ongoing support. Your assistance gives thousands of Girl Scouts endless opportunities to make a big impact in our community! #GiveTogetherGSCNC

372 days ago by Kayla Eaton
Our troop is able to safely gather at Girl Scout camp because of SHARE!

"During this difficult time, it means so much to my girls to be able to get together and have some normalcy in their lives. Our troop is able to safely gather and have FUN because of our Girl Scout camps which are funded and maintained by SHARE.

At camp, our girls are learning so many new things. We have learned to cut wood, build fires, use knives, shoot slingshots, spend the night in glen shelters, take long hikes in the woods (day and night), tie all kinds of knots, sing campfire songs, make lots of s'mores, use a compass and map, clean latrines, earn badges and the explore camp patches....and so much more!

Because of YOUR donation, girls are able to reach their full potential and know that nothing is out of reach when they are a Girl Scout. Thank you for supporting girls today!"

-Nicole M.

Troop leader for Brownie Troop 31140

372 days ago by Kayla Eaton

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Service UnitsDonors$ Raised
Service Unit 00-005$26,125
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Service Unit 52-0714$1,250
Service Unit 51-0215$1,110
Service Unit 42-043$1,100
Service Unit 60-033$1,060
Service Unit 54-1411$1,025
Service Unit 37-088$925
Service Unit 34-048$910
Service Unit 50-068$900
Service Unit 33-0911$685
Service Unit 15-034$658
Service Unit 52-085$560
Service Unit 51-015$535
Service Unit 60-029$530
Service Unit 32-018$525
Service Unit 90-041$500
Service Unit 31-026$490
Service Unit 52-1010$490
Service Unit 50-084$477
Service Unit 70-1713$445
Service Unit 60-0610$440
Service Unit 32-0410$405
Service Unit 54-1514$395
Service Unit 51-075$375
Service Unit 55-075$325
Service Unit 34-074$310
Service Unit 34-083$301
Service Unit 70-181$300
Service Unit 53-036$295
Service Unit 50-106$292
Service Unit 37-067$286
Service Unit 53-064$275
Service Unit 21-116$255
Service Unit 70-124$250
Service Unit 70-014$225
Service Unit 90-122$220
Service Unit 50-046$210
Service Unit 40-024$210
Service Unit 23-054$210
Service Unit 11-075$205
Service Unit 12-033$200
Service Unit 53-043$200
Service Unit 31-014$195
Service Unit 60-074$185
Service Unit 51-053$175
Service Unit 37-054$170
Service Unit 70-052$150
Service Unit 70-104$135
Service Unit 42-012$125
Service Unit 54-013$115
Service Unit 80-113$110
Service Unit 80-044$110
Service Unit 37-035$110
Service Unit 60-051$100
Service Unit 55-031$100
Service Unit 40-011$100
Service Unit 32-071$100
Service Unit 33-052$100
Service Unit 55-021$100
Service Unit 32-031$100
Service Unit 33-032$100
Service Unit 22-011$100
Service Unit 14-111$100
Service Unit 12-052$100
Service Unit 22-074$100
Service Unit 34-092$100
Service Unit 80-091$100
Service Unit 60-082$100
Service Unit 56-031$75
Service Unit 51-092$75
Service Unit 15-103$75
Service Unit 31-062$75
Service Unit 37-012$75
Service Unit 10-132$75
Service Unit 53-072$75
Service Unit 50-142$60
Service Unit 55-052$60
Service Unit 90-032$60
Service Unit 37-041$50
Service Unit 70-021$50
Service Unit 14-051$50
Service Unit 37-071$50
Service Unit 90-061$50
Service Unit 21-031$50
Service Unit 53-051$50
Service Unit 51-111$50
Service Unit 52-021$40
Service Unit 22-062$40
Service Unit 15-082$35
Service Unit 56-041$30
Service Unit 80-071$25
Service Unit 54-161$25
Service Unit 50-121$25
Service Unit 33-061$25
Service Unit 80-062$20
Service Unit 80-052$20
Service Unit 70-062$20
Service Unit 12-041$20
Service Unit 21-141$15
Service Unit 14-041$10
Service Unit 33-101$10
Service Unit 90-070$0
Service Unit 90-050$0
Service Unit 80-080$0
Service Unit 80-010$0
Service Unit 70-150$0
Service Unit 70-090$0
Service Unit 70-070$0
Service Unit 70-040$0
Service Unit 60-040$0
Service Unit 60-010$0
Service Unit 56-060$0
Service Unit 56-010$0
Service Unit 55-060$0
Service Unit 54-050$0
Service Unit 53-010$0
Service Unit 42-050$0
Service Unit 42-030$0
Service Unit 40-030$0
Service Unit 34-050$0
Service Unit 34-010$0
Service Unit 33-070$0
Service Unit 33-020$0
Service Unit 32-110$0
Service Unit 32-020$0
Service Unit 31-050$0
Service Unit 21-060$0
Service Unit 15-090$0
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Service Unit 14-140$0
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