Kristin O. Lauer Scholarship

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Kristin O. Lauer Scholarship

Reading and Writing for Life

In her 42 years of teaching at Fordham, Professor Kristen Lauer fostered the varied aspirations of her legions of devoted students, from dancers to those in law and law enforcement, from social workers to professional writers, by sharing her passionate belief in the great usefulness to life of writing well and studying the examples of great writers.

When the scholarship reaches its required endowment threshold, it will annually draw attention to a student who has embraced the major with a demonstrated sense of direction and purpose. She might have an internship where her music reviews are already appearing on-line.  He might be volunteering as a tutor of English at a local school and have begun work toward a teaching degree.  She may have written an account of her experience working in a hospital, or a lab, or an animal preserve on her way to applying for a Fulbright or other prestigious fellowship. In putting a spotlight on examples like these (drawn from actual students), this prize will inspire majors and potential majors to connect their work in the classroom and the library with their ambitions in the world beyond.

Honoring Kris’s inspiring legacy, this scholarship looks to the future by recognizing and supporting students who see the English major as integral to a directed and meaningful life.



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