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This campaign ended on February 26, 2020, but you can still make a gift to FFA Foundation by clicking here!

Give FFA Day 2020

For 24 hours on Tuesday, Feb. 25, we celebrate the spirit of giving in FFA with an online pep rally.

Give FFA Day 2020
Support a State
1,175 Donors
$201,299 Donated

Become an advocate and show your support today!

On Give FFA Day, your donation of any size to Support a State is amplified as you join hundreds of other donors from across the country to impact the lives of students. Your gift on Give FFA Day can support life-changing programs for students, provide teacher resources and increase appreciation for the impact of agriculture. Choose which state or states you'd like to support with your gift today. 

US Donor Map

Support a State

Virginia 180$12,320
Arkansas 68$11,840
Kansas 41$8,540
Oregon 25$32,010
Wyoming 18$1,305
Nevada 17$1,975
Alabama 8$400
Utah 7$965
Louisiana 7$400
Pennsylvania 5$460
West Virginia 4$250
Montana 4$65
Arizona 3$810
Georgia 3$425
Colorado 3$815
North Dakota 2$150
Delaware 2$40
California 2$765
Illinois 2$120
Michigan 2$1,050
North Carolina 2$100
Indiana 2$600
Hawaii 1$750
Oklahoma 1$100
Maryland 1$10
Iowa 1$77
Wisconsin 1$10
South Dakota 1$50
South Carolina 1$100
Florida 1$50
New York 1$50
Massachusetts 1$1
Missouri 1$250
Ohio 1$500
Tennessee 1$5
Washington 0$0
Vermont 0$0
U.S. Virgin Islands 0$0
Texas 0$0
Rhode Island 0$0
Puerto Rico 0$0
New Mexico 0$0
New Jersey 0$0
New Hampshire 0$0
Nebraska 0$0
Mississippi 0$0
Minnesota 0$0
Maine 0$0
Kentucky 0$0
Idaho 0$0
Connecticut 0$0
Alaska 0$0

Donor affiliations

7% Current Members

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39% Former Members

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35% Past State Officers

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2% Past National Officers

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18% Ag Teachers

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35% Donors/Supporters

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Donor list

Tory D
Brian Peters
Dominik Becerra
Wes Crawford
Joenelle Futrell
Melissa Carlgren
Stacey Irwin
Marie Jones
Jessie Smith
Michael Burns
Bailey Brown
Ginny Stichternath
Michael & Melanie Musselman and family
Bridget Sine
Patty Fulton
Jamie Gronski
Janice Gilmore
Mike Coon
Clint Blaes
John Jeans
Deb Warnock
Brandon & Heather Nield
Laurel Bishop
Cindy Dies Owen
Tracey Knight
Len Nall
Jada Foss
Kathy Mayfield
Carmelita Goossen
Sterling Foss
Chris Stamper (Depta)
Baylee and Adilee Stewart
Kent Mathis
Maggie Edwards
Paul Pinyan
Kate Ramsey
Marco Ovando

Anonymous Donor matched $200
Generous Past National Officer matched $5,000
Tom & Maggie Hemmer matched $4,220
Anonymous Donor matched $5,000
Harvest Capital Campaign matched $30,000
Beth Gaines photoBeth Gaines gave $100
National FFA President's Advisory Council members gave $10,000 because 100 donors made a gift in 0 days.
National FFA Foundation Board Members gave $10,000 because 145 donors made a gift in 0 days.