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An Anonymous DonorAn Anonymous Donor matched $1 for each $1 donated, donating a total of $7,000Just for Golf Team
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An Anonymous DonorGary Verazin '80 & Elizabeth Verazin gave $2,500 because 125 donors gaveJust for Blue Jay Athletics

An Anonymous DonorJoe Harriger '82 & Julie Harriger gave $2,500 because 250 donors gaveJust for Blue Jay Athletics

An Anonymous DonorRod Chamberlain '74 & Anne Findlay-Chamberlain gave $2,500 because 375 donors gaveJust for Blue Jay Athletics

An Anonymous DonorHob Kroesen '71 & Marilyn Kroesen gave $2,500 because 500 donors gaveJust for Blue Jay Athletics

An Anonymous DonorPeter Hobbs '12 & Shelley Hobbs gave $5,000 because 500 donors gave

An Anonymous DonorAnthony Cilio P'25 & Kellyann Cilio P'25 gave $10,000 because 300 donors gaveJust for Parents/Grandparents/Family Members

An Anonymous DonorTom McGonigle P'10 P'17 gave $15,000 because 100 donors gave

An Anonymous DonorRyan Heishman '00 & Schyler Heishman gave $20,000 because 500 donors gaveJust for Alumni (2000-2023)

An Anonymous DonorJim Shreiner '73 G'24 & Mary Shreiner G'24 gave $20,000 because 175 donors gaveJust for Faculty/Staff

An Anonymous DonorMike Spangler '88 & Caryn Spangler '88 gave $20,000 because 1000 donors gave

An Anonymous DonorElizabethtown College Alumni Association gave $25,000 because 200 donors gaveJust for Students

An Anonymous DonorCarol Metzler '77 gave $30,000 because 1500 donors gave

An Anonymous DonorBob Sands '90 & Susan Sands '90 gave $40,000 because 50 donors gave

An Anonymous DonorNancy Hahn '81 gave $100,000 because 1899 donors gave
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Power of One Day
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Blue Jay Athletics is going where we've never been before, and we are counting on you to be an important member of our team. Please contribute to Blue Jay Athletics to support our 24 varsity sport programs and more than 450 student-athletes. Your generosity helps Blue Jay Athletics carry on a 90-year tradition of excellence.

Chris Morgan '91
Director of Athletics

Athletic Leaderboard Challenge

Sponsored by Helen Ebersole ’69 & the Blue Jay Athletic Association

Support your favorite Blue Jay team/s and help them reach the top of the Power of One Day Athletic Leaderboards. Your gifts will benefit student-athletes on the field, on the court, in the pool, and ensure they have the equipment, technology, and training they need to be the best.

This year, the top two programs in each of the following leaderboard categories with earn a challenge gift:
* Greatest Number of Donors – $500 gift for each of the top two programs

* Total Dollars Raised – $500 gift for each of the top two programs

* BJAA Lottery – Each Unique program donor on Power of One will qualify as an entry in the BJAA Lottery to win a bonus $500 for two programs

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Nancy Hahn '81 photo
Nancy Hahn '81
Gave $100,000 during a Challenge!
Bob Sands '90 photo
Bob Sands '90
Gave $40,000 during a Challenge!
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Carol Metzler '77
Gave $30,000 during a Challenge!
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Elizabethtown College Alumni Association
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Ryan Heishman '00
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Mike Spangler '88
Gave $20,000 during a Challenge!
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Jim Shreiner '73 G'24
Gave $20,000 during a Challenge!
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Tom McGonigle P'10 P'17
Gave $15,000 during a Challenge!
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Anthony Cilio P'25
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