Greek Challenge 2020

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This campaign ended on November 25, 2020, but you can still make a gift to Doane University by clicking here!

Greek Challenge is a fun, spirited competition that is rooted in the rivalry that dates back to the founding of Doane's Greek organizations.

Greek Phonathon embraces that rivalry as each fall Greek actives call their alumni to visit, provide updates, raise money for scholarships and other initiatives at Doane, all the while competing for prize money for their organizations. 

While the calling portion of the phonathon will remain, we're adding an online component and creating "Greek Challenge," a social media style campaign, to help the students reach more alumni. 

Each Greek organization is challenged to engage with and receive gifts from 15% of their alumni base.* There will be prizes for the most money raised, largest percentage of base participating, most alumni contacted via phone, and most gifts made on the platform. Prizes are as follows:

$400 - largest amount raised

$300 - largest percentage of base participating

$150 - most alumni contacted

$150 - most gifts made online

*Each group's alumni base was calculated based on the current email and phone contact information we have for alumni.


After five weeks of online giving—including 11 nights of calling—our Greek Challenge has come to a close.

Altogether, our nine Greek groups combined: • contacted 353 Greek alumni by phone (raising $20,095 through calls alone!)
• received 311 unique online gifts (totaling $42,384!)
• had a 12 percent overall Greek alumni participation rate
• raised $62,479.88 in pledges and gifts for Doane University!

The winners of our cash prizes are:
• Delta Kappa Pi, earning $400 for raising the most money ($17,260)
• Chi Delta, earning a total of $450—$300 for the largest alumni participation percentage and $150 for the most alumni contacted by phone
• Gamma Phi Iota, earning $150 for receiving the most online gifts

We are overwhelmed by the support of our alumni and the hard work of our active Greek students on campus. Doane University and our current and future students thank everyone who donated for the impact their gifts will make.

#GoDoane #GreekChallenge

548 days ago by Julie Rasgorshek
Greek Challenge Progress Report


After the third week of calling and online donations, we have our first winner(!) and updated leaders in the three remaining categories.
With the calling portion of Greek Challenge wrapping up last week, congratulations are in order to the women of Chi Delta! Throughout the past three weeks, they contacted the most alumni by phone (56) and have therefore claimed the first monetary prize—$150!

Three monetary prizes are still in play: $400 for the group that raises the most money, $300 to the group with the largest alumni base participation percentage, and $150 for whichever group receives the most online gifts. The competition in these categories will remain LIVE until 11:59 p.m. (CST) on Nov. 24th. All final results/winners will be posted on Nov. 25th.

The current* standings can be viewed in the charts.

As a reminder, you can donate to your respective Greek group online through Nov. 24th:

*Data represents results as of 11 p.m. on Thursday, Nov. 12th.

557 days ago by Jackie Hinrichsen
Greek Challenge Progress Report - Nov. 6 Results


After the second week of calling and online donations, the leaders in three of last week's four categories remain the same, with one exception: the Gammas have moved into first place in total dollars raised!

The current* standings can be viewed in the charts below.

As a reminder, you can donate to your respective Greek group anytime online:

Encourage your fellow brothers and sisters to keep supporting Doane and your respective Greek group through Greek Challenge. Calling continues Nov. 9 and will end Nov. 12 however the online campaign will continue through Nov. 25.

*Data represents results as of 11 a.m. on Friday, Nov. 6th.

564 days ago by Julie Rasgorshek

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