DIMES for DPhiE 2024

This campaign ended on April 01, 2024, but you can still make a gift to Delta Phi Epsilon by clicking here!
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Stephanie Cockerl photoStephanie Cockerl matched $1 for each donor, donating a total of $25

Heather Colleen McMahon photoHeather Colleen McMahon matched $1 for each $1 donated, donating a total of $25Just for Gamma Iota

Marcia Narod photoMarcia Narod matched $1 for each donor, donating a total of $50

Ayleen Barbel Fattal photoAyleen Barbel Fattal matched $10 for each donor, donating a total of $200Just for Alumni donors who gave to Alpha Gamma

An Anonymous DonorLynn Witkowski-Hamfeldt matched $1 for each $1 donated, donating a total of $500Just for Beta Eta

An Anonymous DonorJessica Wescott matched $25 for each donor, donating a total of $1,000Just for Delaware Alumnae Association

An Anonymous DonorShannon Morris matched $10 for each $1 donated, donating a total of $1,000Just for Delta Pi

Dawn McNulty photoDawn McNulty matched $1 for each $1 donated, donating a total of $1,000

Gina Curtis photoGina Curtis matched $10 for each donor, donating a total of $1,000

An Anonymous DonorCarol Prushan matched $10 for each $1 donated, donating a total of $1,000Just for Gamma

An Anonymous DonorGabrielle Centrone matched $100 for each donor, donating a total of $1,500Just for Alpha Alpha
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Heather Colleen McMahon photoHeather Colleen McMahon gave $25 because 25 donors gaveJust for Gamma Iota

An Anonymous DonorCarolina M. Bellido gave $100 because 1 donor gave

An Anonymous DonorMaggie Knauss gave $100 because $100 was given by donorsJust for Psi

Stephanie Cockerl photoStephanie Cockerl gave $100 because 100 donors gave

An Anonymous DonorCarolina Bellido gave $100 because 10 donors gaveJust for Alpha Gamma

Marisel Sordo photoMarisel Sordo gave $100 because 30 donors gaveJust for Alpha Gamma Alumnae Association

An Anonymous DonorAnna Maria Curry gave $3,600 because 13 donors gaveJust for Alpha Pi

An Anonymous DonorAn Anonymous Donor gave $4,800 because $2,253 was given by donorsJust for Epsilon Upsilon

An Anonymous DonorAn Anonymous Donor gave $5,000 because 100 donors gave

An Anonymous DonorJessica Andrews gave $6,000 because $5,000 was given by donorsJust for Psi
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Alumnae who donate $100 or more can receive the exclusive DIMES for DPhiE T-Shirt

Get excited. DIMES for DPhiE is here! In March, we celebrate the exceptional and extraordinary members of our community – from our trailblazing founders and supporting mentors to our cherished friends and inspiring leaders – all of whom have paved the way for the vibrant Delta Phi Epsilon that we all know and love. 

This is your opportunity to make a direct impact on our organization and uplift the leaders of tomorrow. Funds raised through DIMES for DPhiE go to scholarships to help lessen the burden of finances off our members so they can focus on success in the classroom, educational initiatives that tap into global issues and allow our members to make an impact in their local communities, and leadership programming which prepares our members to go from the dorm room to the board room. The next generation of our sisterhood will stand on our shoulders as we build brighter tomorrows for them

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Can you feel the excitement in the air? We're 5 days into DIMES for DPhiE, and the energy is ELECTRIC! ⚡️✨ We're overwhelmed by the love and support pouring in from all corners of our incredible community. Only 5 days in and we are already almost at 10% of our goal!

But hey, if you haven't joined the party yet, don't worry, there's still plenty of time to jump on board! 🚀 Whether you're a founding sister, a mentor extraordinaire, a cherished friend, or an inspiring leader, this is YOUR chance to shine and make a REAL difference.

Remember, every dime counts, every dollar makes a difference. Let's keep the momentum going and show the world what DPhiE is all about! 💜💛 #DIMESforDPhiE #SisterhoodStrong #EmpowerLeaders

44 days ago by Megan Diveto

Donor Maps
Chapter Leaderboard
ChapterDonorsRaised ($)
Alpha Alpha13$2,996
Epsilon Upsilon12$7,387
Alpha Gamma14$4,250
Delta Upsilon2$3,022
Alpha Xi0$0
Phi Chi0$0
Epsilon Omega0$0
Delta Nu0$0
Delta Mu0$0
Delta Rho1$25
Phi Lambda1$1,375
Alpha Kappa1$400
Gamma Xi1$500
Epsilon Tau0$0
Phi Mu0$0
Delta Gamma0$0
Epsilon Gamma1$150
Zeta Mu0$0
Delta Chi0$0
Phi Omega0$0
Alpha Omega0$0
Delta Beta0$0
Zeta Epsilon1$100
Epsilon Nu0$0
Phi Upsilon1$1,050
Epsilon Pi0$0
Beta Psi0$0
Phi Pi0$0
Alpha Epsilon1$3,150
Phi Phi1$1,400
Alpha Delta1$2,025
Beta Epsilon0$0
Phi Zeta0$0
Alpha Beta0$0
Beta Mu1$25
Epsilon Xi0$0
Beta Theta1$700
Beta Phi1$625
Delta Xi1$3,025
Zeta Theta1$1,200
Epsilon Psi1$36
Gamma Psi0$0
Beta Gamma0$0
Epsilon Theta0$0
New York City Alumnae Association1$19
Gamma Phi0$0
Zeta Zeta1$115
The North Texas Alumnae Association0$0
Beta Iota1$450
Gamma Omicron0$0
Phi Rho0$0
Gamma Theta0$0
Delta Theta0$0
Zeta Lambda1$60
Alpha Tau1$50
Delta Zeta0$0
Gamma Tau2$211
Beta Eta2$1,550
Beta Alpha1$675
Epsilon Kappa0$0
Gamma Kappa2$1,025
Epsilon Chi1$250
Gamma Zeta1$475
Delta Iota1$100
Delta Tau0$0
Alpha Sigma0$0
Zeta Delta0$0
Epsilon Phi1$1,075
Phi Nu0$0
Delta Epsilon1$5,036
Alpha Zeta0$0
Delta Omega1$3,475
Phi Iota0$0
Epsilon Alpha0$0
Phi Alpha0$0
Delta Pi2$4,425
Gamma Lambda0$0
Alpha Theta3$1,723
Alpha Lambda1$1,097
Gamma Delta0$0
Gamma Sigma1$3,075
Alpha Iota2$200
Gamma Upsilon0$0
Gamma Iota3$885
Epsilon Eta0$0
Alpha Mu3$665
Lone Star Alumnae Association2$85
Phi Eta0$0
Epsilon Iota5$1,130
Gamma Gamma4$1,121
Beta Sigma1$100
Gamma Omega0$0
Phi Xi0$0
Zeta Nu5$222
Delta Psi0$0
Alpha Phi1$36
Pacific Northwest Alumnae Association0$0
Alpha Gamma Alumnae Association6$920
Delaware Alumnae Association5$3,546
Alpha Pi17$12,405
Delta Eta1$19
Phi Kappa0$0
Zeta Iota1$3,000
Gamma Beta1$3,750
Beta Omicron0$0
Alpha Psi2$230
Delta Lambda1$125
Alpha Upsilon1$925
Beta Pi0$0
Zeta Gamma2$895
Alpha Nu0$0
Gamma Epsilon0$0
Delta Phi1$60
Delta Sigma3$5,600
Beta Beta1$1,075
Gamma Mu0$0
Beta Upsilon1$350
Delta Delta3$4,466
Zeta Beta1$1,059
Epsilon Beta0$0
Beta Tau2$3,145
Beta Xi0$0
Alpha Omicron0$0
Epsilon Rho2$1,525
Gamma Rho1$1,200
Delta Iota Alumnae Association3$320
Beta Lambda1$120
Phi Theta0$0
Phi Beta0$0
Delta Kappa1$36
Alpha Rho3$1,429
Phi Epsilon0$0
Connecticut Alumnae Association 1$25
Zeta Alpha1$800
Epsilon Delta1$36
Tampa Bay Alumnae Association1$50
Epsilon Mu0$0
Zeta Kappa1$415
Delta Omicron0$0
Phi Gamma3$650
Delta Alpha0$0
Gamma Chi1$1,000
Epsilon Sigma0$0
Beta Omega3$720
Gamma Nu1$425
Alpha Chi1$36
Gamma Pi0$0
Alpha Eta2$1,050
Phi Omicron0$0
California Alumnae Association0$0
Epsilon Omicron1$150
Phi Delta0$0
Zeta Eta0$0
Epsilon Zeta1$200
Phi Psi1$1,225
Epsilon Lambda0$0
Gamma Eta0$0
Phi Sigma3$1,225
Gamma Alpha2$1,175
Beta Chi2$2,100
Phi Tau4$706
Space Coast Alumnae Association0$0
Epsilon Epsilon0$0
Beta Nu0$0
Beta Rho2$1,010
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Parent icon3%Parents
Suitcase icon2%Faculty/Staff
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Jessica Andrews
Gave $6,000 during a Challenge!
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Gave $5,000 during a Challenge!
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