CU Athletics Giving Day 2018

This campaign ended on October 18, 2018, but you can still make a gift to Clarkson University by clicking here!

Clarkson University Athletics Giving Day 2018 is an online fundraising drive taking place for 24 hours starting at midnight on Wednesday, October 17, 2018. It’s a time for alumni, parents, students, faculty, staff and friends to come together and celebrate, support and invest in Golden Knights Varsity Athletic Teams.

In the spirit of competition, Challenge Dollars are up for grabs on CU Athletics Giving Day.  The teams that have the largest number of donors and increase their donor number percentage the most from last year's Athletics Giving Day will receive additional prize money.  EVERY donor makes an impact.

Please make a gift to the team, or teams, that matter most to you and invest in continuing to build championship programs for our student athletes today!



Clarkson Athletics Donor Challenge Team Leaderboard

TeamDonorsDollarsGoal (Donors)%
Women's Hockey 449$19,56549690.5%
Women's Lacrosse 363$5,98238793.8%
Men's Lacrosse 217$12,213192113.0%
Men's Hockey 200$30,51520199.5%
Women's Volleyball 153$6,18926058.8%
Women's Soccer 141$3,26528549.5%
Men's Soccer 113$9,67615174.8%
Women's Softball 105$2,76314572.4%
Pep Band 102$4,44124042.5%
Women's Swimming and Diving 96$2,84959162.7%
Women's Basketball 94$4,62124338.7%
Men's Baseball 93$9,53714464.6%
Men's Swimming and Diving 86$3,88878110.3%
Men's Basketball 79$5,50410873.1%
Men's Alpine Skiing 63$3,0236991.3%
Women's Cross Country 62$1,20932193.8%
Men's Cross Country 50$1,24627185.2%
Women's Alpine Skiing 49$2,1087268.1%
Men's Golf 35$2,23229120.7%
Women's Nordic Skiing 35$86133106.1%
Men's Nordic Skiing 23$64621109.5%
Other 4$65100

Donor affiliations

17% Alumni

Show Alumni

26% Students

Show Students

17% Parents

Show Parents

4% Faculty/Staff

Show Faculty/Staff

19% Friends

Show Friends

Donor list

Dan Brosseau
Adriana Arroyo
Warren T Clifford & Cathy Clifford
Tyler Brosseau
Lauren E Carter
Warren Shelton
Owen Brosseau
Jack Pitts & Jillian Pitts
Lynn Salo
Michael Salo
Jack Pitts & Jillian
Andrew Foster
Jack L Levitt & Noreen Doyle Levitt
Jack Pitts & Jillian
Mark D. Secko
Zachary Russo
Charlie Ackner & Lynne Ackner
Mark J Norman
Charlie Ackner
Cody L Sumner
Stephanie Leek & Dan Flick
Will Frederick
Cathy Graichen & Gregg Recer
Ingrid Weinert
Madie Martinek
Lauren Dahm photoLauren Dahm
RoseAnn Hickey
Devin Sorell
Michael H Weinert
Sam Grainger
Christine Swedberg & Mathew Swedberg
Emily R Isaksen
Chris Lipsett & Mandy Lipsett
jacob rust
Gary N Smith
Bob Burger

Maura Maguire photoMaura Maguire matched $5
An Anonymous Donor matched $15
An Anonymous Donor matched $25
Claire Kershko matched $25
Maura Maguire photoMaura Maguire matched $25
Claire Kershko matched $25
Jim Allott photoJim Allott matched $50
Jarrod Mattingly matched $46
Bill Bergan photoBill Bergan matched $29
Bill Jeffers photoJoe Bushey matched $25
Britni Smith photoBritni Smith matched $100
Anthony Maci photoAnthony Maci matched $100
Ben Gaebel photoBen Gaebel matched $100
Ken Crawford matched $100
Ken Crawford matched $100
Kelsey Yam photoKelsey Yam matched $150
Kaelin Truman matched $200
Bill Bergan photoBill Bergan matched $165
April Grant & Brian Grant matched $250
Erin Draper photoErin Draper matched $250
Laurel Kane photoJim Kane matched $500
An Anonymous Donor matched $500
Laurel Kane photoLaurel Kane matched $500
An Anonymous Donor matched $1,250
An Anonymous Donor matched $7,000
An Anonymous Donor matched $11,800
An Anonymous Donor gave $100 because 100 donors made a gift in 14 days.
Andrew Pucci photoAndrew Pucci gave $100 because 100 donors made a gift in 2 days.

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