CU Athletics Giving Day 2017

This campaign ended on October 13, 2017, but you can still make a gift to Clarkson University by clicking here!

Clarkson University Athletics Giving Day 2017 is a 24-hour online fundraising drive starting at 8:00 pm October 11, 2017. It’s a time for alumni, parents, students, faculty, staff, and friends come together to celebrate, support, and invest in Golden Knights Varsity Athletic Teams.

Even better: Challenge Dollars are up for grabs on CU Athletics Giving Day, thanks to a group of generous donors. Make a gift to the team that matters most to you, and you’ll help earn Challenge Dollars for your team of choice. In other words: Every gift makes an even bigger impact!

100% of your gift will be allocated directly towards the team or teams of your choice. Contributions of all sizes will help each program in their efforts to acquire the most donors on CU Athletics Giving Day. Challenges are based on donor numbers, not dollars, so every gift counts! Invest in building better programs for our student athletes today.



Donor Challenge Leaders

DesignationDonorsDollarsGoal (Donors)%
Women's Hockey 473$28,72849695.4%
Women's Lacrosse 369$4,26938795.3%
Women's Soccer 271$4,08228595.1%
Women's Volleyball 248$7,17126095.4%
Women's Basketball 231$3,96724395.1%
Pep Band 229$12,52124095.4%
Men's Hockey 191$26,15320195.0%
Men's Lacrosse 183$5,30919295.3%
Men's Soccer 144$15,67215195.4%
Women's Softball 138$2,60814595.2%
Men's Baseball 137$11,17414495.1%
Men's Basketball 104$6,00910896.3%
Men's Swimming and Diving 74$4,7657894.9%
Women's Alpine Skiing 69$2,1817295.8%
Men's Alpine Skiing 66$1,9096995.7%
Women's Swimming and Diving 56$1,8885994.9%
Women's Nordic Skiing 31$2,2553393.9%
Women's Cross Country 30$1,5113293.8%
Men's Golf 28$1,6212996.6%
Men's Cross Country 26$7952796.3%
Men's Nordic Skiing 20$1,2202195.2%
General Recreation 12$941392.3%

Donor affiliations

16% Alumni

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25% Students

Show Students

12% Parents

Show Parents

4% Faculty/Staff

Show Faculty/Staff

11% Friends

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16% Relative

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Donor list

Sheryl Clarke-Dawkins
Nicholas Tremblay
Hillary E Humiston
Peter Trencansky
David Allen
Pete Sienko
Larry & Lois Bub
Thomas J Staudacher & Gina Staudacher
Camille lupa
Ashley Marinacci photoAshley Marinacci
Dick Cianciotto & Nancy
Cheryl A. Smith
Scott Ellman
Paul Stenberg & Pat (House of Balsa)
Paul F Stenberg
Nathan Menapace
Jason Han
Andres Garcia & Marissa Garcia
Cherlynn Mason
Floriann Mason
Donna Burns
Jeremy Wendell Barber
Brian P Grosse
William J. Long & Susan
Hinahon Family
KiMarVin Limbag
Megan Wisniewski
Laura Hamilton & Don Frank
Anthony Wisniewski
Dev L.
Devin Limbag
Kim Abueg
Kimberlynn Hinahon Abueg photoKimberlynn Hinahon Abueg
Kathleen M. Piemonte
Margaret McDonald

Ken Crawford matched $30
Ken Crawford matched $10
Maureen Ellen photoMaureen Webster matched $100
Justin Sperry photoJustin Sperry matched $42
Justin Sperry photoJustin Sperry matched $30
Bill Bergan photoWilliam Bergan matched $100
Andrew Brewer photoAndrew Brewer matched $100
Kelsey Yam photoKelsey Yam matched $100
Britni Smith photoBritni Smith matched $125
Carol Munger LaMarche photoCarol LaMarche matched $200
Jim Allott photoJim Allott matched $200
An Anonymous Donor matched $250
Kristen McGaughey photoKristen McGaughey matched $250
Laurel Kane photoCoach Kane matched $500
Laurel Kane photoLaurel Kane matched $11
An Anonymous Donor matched $500
An Anonymous Donor matched $2,500
An Anonymous Donor matched $1,775
An Anonymous Donor matched $3,000
Peter Trencansky photoPeter Trencansky matched $925
An Anonymous Donor matched $5,000
Anthony Maci photoAnthony Maci gave $100 because 50 donors made a gift in 0 days.
Andrew Brewer photoAndrew Brewer gave $100 because 20 donors made a gift in 1 day.

None Left!

If your advocacy efforts generate 3 donations, you will receive a special social media shout out on the Clarkson University social media page. Click the tab Advocate to get started!


Only 2 left!

Receive a Thank You Call from a Clarkson Golden Knight Athlete! Click the tab Advocate to get started!


Only 2 left!

Take your advocacy to the next level! Advocates who generate 10 or more donations will receive a personal thank you call from Director of Athletics & Recreation Steve Yianoukos. Click the tab Advocate to get started!


None Left!

Generate 15 Donors and receive a Golden Knights Hoodie! Click the tab Advocate to get started!


None Left!

Generate 25 donations and receive a Golden Knight Swag Bag!