1946 Challenge

This campaign ended on October 16, 2020, but you can still make a gift to Claremont McKenna College by clicking here!
1946 Challenge - Centers & Institutes
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We know there are a lot of worthy causes you care about and may be supporting this year. We're proud that this community stands up to help create a better future for all. Our campus is a microcosm of our society, representing diverse thoughts, challenges, and passions. Giving to Claremont McKenna College means supporting the people working, studying, and elevating the topics that are important to you. It means preparing our incredible students to tackle and solve tough questions when they graduate. 

Your gift will go through ➡️CMC ➡️ directly to our students and the issues that are important to you. A donation of any amount provides our students with more resources to create a better future for themselves and the communities that they will join. Learn more about where your dollars are going when you invest in CMC⬇️

:question:📓 Alumni Fund: What did you love about CMC? Was it the exceptional academic experience, a faculty-student research project that informed your future work, the financial support that allowed you to attend, or a life-changing opportunity through an internship program? Make your gift to the Alumni Fund to support the College's priorities and our students rapidly changing needs. 

🎓 Parents Fund: The CMC Parents Fund is a vital source of financial support for the College. It helps enhance the full campus experience for CMC students, making it possible to support opportunities outside of the classroom such as the Athenaeum and sponsored internships. Make your gift to the Parents Fund to support the life-changing opportunities available through a CMC education.

🍎 Friends Fund: A fund for friends of CMC to support the academic & intellectual rigor of a CMC education. Friends help ensure dynamic classroom experiences for students, faculty and staff development, world-class faculty research, and technology or facilities for learning. Make a gift today to help carry out the mission of the College. 

💭 Athenaeum: While the Marian Miner Cook Athenaeum may have gone virtual this semester, it is still the College's cultural and social cornerstone and holds a special place in many CMCers hearts. Make your gift to the Athenaeum and support future thought-provoking engagements!

🏆 Athletics: CMS Athletics is dedicated to supporting Athena and Stag Scholar-Leader-Athletes in their pursuit of excellence in competition and the classroom, while helping them develop the skills that allow them to thrive in all aspects of their lives. Make your gift today to one of CMS’ 21 varsity teams, CMS Recreation, Sports Medicine, or the CMS Athletics discretionary fund, which supports the program as a whole. To make your gift to Athletics click here. 

🖐 CARE Center: The CARE Center proactively engages and educates the CMC community to develop the skills needed to have difficult conversations, identify with one another across social barriers, and engage in effective dialogue towards solutions and resolutions. Make your gift to the CARE Center to help students grow as collaborative, empathetic leaders. 

🔬Centers & Institutes: CMC believes in the benefits of hands-on learning and student-faculty research. Make your gift to one of CMC’s 11 Centers and Institutes to provide students with graduate-level research opportunities in conjunction with the College’s distinguished faculty. To make your gift to a Center or Institute click here

⚖️ Diversity & Inclusion Fund: Claremont McKenna College is committed to an inclusive community that enriches the value of the CMC experience for all students, staff, and faculty. Make your gift to the Diversity & Inclusion Fund to support workshops, training, research, and campus organizations to ensure our students have the behavioral commitments, ethical courage, and effective strategies to contribute and lead in today's society. 

🧯 Emergency Fund: CMC is committed to ensuring our community is prepared for any crisis that may present itself, such as COVID-19. Make your gift to the CMC Emergency Fund to support our students urgent needs such as health care, travel, housing, additional financial aid, and technology.

✏️ Financial Aid: Making sure young people have access to the best education regardless of socioeconomic background is a cornerstone of CMC’s mission. Financial aid is essential to sustaining our need-blind admission promise, ensuring that CMC has the resources to admit the best possible candidates to our college community no matter their ability to pay.

🧪 Integrated Sciences and Computation: Always at the forefront of academic excellence and innovation, CMC prepares its students to harness the exponential power of science and computing in a bold new integrated sciences program with interdisciplinary connections. Make your gift to integrated sciences and computation to prepare our students to lead at the intersections of technology, business, and policy

🧠 Mental Health Fund: CMC recognizes that our students face a variety of challenges in our current times, so the College responded by adapting and increasing student mental health resources. Make your gift to the Health Fund, and help Monsour Counseling and Psychological Services and the Dean of Students make sure that our students' mental health needs are met.

💼 Soll Center for Student Opportunities: This year, the Soll Center not only re-imagined its core programming into virtual formats in response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, but it also expanded its focus on innovative career exploration programs and workshops, internships, micro-internships, and full-time opportunities for CMC students. Make your gift to the Soll Center to support these student opportunities.

Congrats & Thank You To The Entire Cmc Community

7 days ago by Danielle Yellen
Why Does Tony Sidhom '17 Give?

"I donate to CARE and Title IX because Vince and Nyree are rockstars who build inclusivity on campus and provide support to all students, especially those who come from non-traditional backgrounds and experiences."

Thank you, Tony!

8 days ago by Nicholas Macias-Williams
These Chapters Are Leading The 1946 Challenge!

8 days ago by Nicholas Macias-Williams
Battle Of The Halls: Which One Do Alumni Love The Most?

8 days ago by Nicholas Macias-Williams
Let's Finish Strong.. Only 500 To Go!

8 days ago by Danielle Yellen
Kerry Fanwick '76 Loves Cmc!

He has generously offered to match any gift made to CMC during the 1946 Challenge with $195, up to $10K! WOW!!!

Kerry Fanwick '76 wants to know if his classmates are up to the challenge. Make your gift today because there are 1,946 reasons to love CMC!

8 days ago by Nicholas Macias-Williams
Over 1,000 Donors!!

8 days ago by Danielle Yellen

9 days ago by Casey Fish
Tell Us What Your Reason To Love Cmc Is!

9 days ago by Danielle Yellen

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San Francisco Bay Chapter Challenge from James McElwee '74 P'12, Ken Novack '67, Emily Meinhardt '10 and John Shrewsberry '87 P'24
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Class of 2019 Challenge from Anonymous Alumnus '80
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Class of 2018 Challenge from Anonymous Alumnus '80
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New York Chapter Challenge from Tina Daniels '93, Tao Li '02, Sue Matteson King '85 P'18, KK Streator P'18 P'21 and Doug Peterson '80 P'14 P'15
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Parents Fund Challenge from Anonymous Alumnus '87 P'24
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Orange County Chapter Challenge from Steve Eggert '82 P'15, Marci Lerner Miller '89 P'19 P'20 and Jim Bemowski '76 P'07 P'09 M'10
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Seattle Chapter Challenge from Scott Torrey '91 P'23 and Henry Albrecht '91 P'23
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International Alumni Challenge from anonymous alumnus '80, John Faranda '79 and Charlene Martin
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Student Mental Health Challenge from Duane Quaini '67
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