#GivingTuesdayatCWRU 2020

This campaign ended on December 02, 2020, but you can still make a gift to Case Western Reserve University by clicking here!

Each year, Case Western Reserve University joins in the global #GivingTuesday movement through #GivingTuesdayatCWRU. The idea behind #GivingTuesday is an effort to keep the spirit of giving alive during the holiday season and takes place each year following the traditional holiday shopping days of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. This year, #GivingTuesday is Tuesday, December 1.

#GivingTuesdayatCWRU offers students, alumni, faculty, staff and friends of the university a way to join the spirit of #GivingTuesday by making a gift that will benefit causes affiliated with campus schools, departments and organizations that allow members of the CWRU community to serve others on a local, national, and global scale.

Descriptions of each cause are listed below: 

Advocates for Cleveland Health  Advocates for Cleveland Health’s (A4CH) mission is to improve the health of greater Cleveland’s underserved populations and the Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) campus through screenings, education, and advocacy. We think critically about health disparities and embrace cultural humility in our interactions with and education about the Cleveland community. We then seek to develop, advocate for, and involve ourselves in sustainable solutions that promote health and health equity in the Cleveland community. By donating to A4CH, your funding will go directly toward public health and advocacy projects intended to get students more involved in the Cleveland community.

CWRU EMS Case Western Reserve University Emergency Medical Service is a volunteer, student-run organization that offers free emergency medical care, transport, and training to students, faculty, staff, and guests on our campus and the surrounding area. As a nonprofit organization, we rely on your donations to pay for the training equipment and financial aid that gives students the opportunity to become EMTs. Your support will help us to continue providing care to our campus and greater Cleveland community.

CWRU for Autism Acceptance CWRU for Autism Acceptance strives to create a supportive and welcoming environment for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder in the Greater Cleveland area. We not only aim to raise awareness about autism, but we also provide CWRU students with local opportunities to become educated about autism and to join us in both advocating for and assisting individuals with autism. We partner with various on-campus and community organizations that directly benefit the Cleveland autism community. Additionally, our unique Sparties Running Program gives student members the opportunity to serve as volunteer coaches to children on the spectrum. Through a shared love for running and exercise, the program promotes friendships among our running buddies on the spectrum, their neurotypical peers, and our volunteer coaches.

CWRU Habitat for Humanity Habitat for Humanity at CWRU works to further Habitat International's mission and ideals. We do this by working to raise awareness and support among Case's community to recruit people dedicated to fighting substandard housing for life. Our funds will go towards Help Build Hope, in which we build all the walls for a 3 bedroom house for a deserving partner family. This amazing event allows us to engage many student volunteers as we conduct all the building on campus before transporting the walls to the construction site. Building a house is no easy task but we are so grateful for our wonderful volunteers and donors who invest the time and money to transform a pile of lumber and trusses into a home. 

CWRU Kids Against Hunger CWRU Kids Against Hunger (KAH) is a student organization who's goal is to feed families around the corner. KAH works closely with the Cleveland Food Bank and local soup kitchens to play our part in battling the hunger crisis in Cuyahoga County. We also host packing events every semester, where students pack together thousand of meals in a single, fun-filled afternoon. Your support will allow CWRU students to do more for the people in our community who need it.

CWRU Film Society The CWRU Film Society home to one of the last 35mm projection booths and has been active on campus for 50 years. We celebrate the art of cinema with public movie screenings each weekend and annual events including Casablanca, the Rocky Horror Picture Show, the Cleveland Italian Film Festival, and the annual Science Fiction Marathon which is the longest-running genre movie marathon in the United States. Your donation will help us support our programming, student projectionist program, and to preserve the art of film.

CWRU PRC Food Pantry The CWRU Physical Resource Center (PRC) Food Pantry is a student-lead initiative to address the core issues of food insecurity at CWRU and provide nutritious food at no cost to students! The focus of this fundraiser is to provide funding for the PRC food pantry with nonperishable items for students next semester. Food is the easiest to cut out of a student's schedule, and food insecurity affects 41% of college students nationwide. Especially in the current situation of COVID-19, it is incredibly difficult for students to find proper food options on and off campus. Please donate to feed our CWRU Fam!

CWRU Student-Run Health Clinic Founded in 2011, our mission is to serve, learn, and collaborate. We are an entirely student-run organization that offers high-quality, compassionate healthcare to underserved populations within the Greater Cleveland community. Our organization provides health-professional students with unique clinical practice and mentorship opportunities at the earliest stages of their careers, while also fostering interprofessional collaboration between future healthcare professionals.

Emerging Scholars Program (ESP) ESP promotes the academic success of students from the Cleveland area who enroll at CWRU. The program offers these students opportunities to strengthen their foundation in writing and mathematics; to connect with professors, advisors and mentors; and to learn about all of the campus resources available to help them meet the demands of college life. Prior to the students’ first semester, they participate in a summer bridge program that teaches them college success skills. Your support helps us provide students with full-tuition summer scholarships and stipends so they can take part in the bridge program.

First CWRU First CWRU is a student organization devoted to advocating for first-generation college students through working on access and accessibility to resources, as well as building community among first-gen students. Our organization is working on launching a First-generation graduation ceremony, planning a First-Gen Celebration that honors the beginning of a new legacy that first-gen students are forging, fundraising for a scholarship awarded to a first-gen student(s) who indicates financial need, coordinating professional development opportunities, and providing experiences for first-generation college students to explore and connect to the greater Northeast Ohio region.

Global Health Design Collaborative The mission of Global Health Design Collaborative (GHDC) is to utilize the principles of engineering and medical anthropology to create culturally cognizant, sustainable solutions for health care needs in rural Uganda and more broadly, low income countries. Our five active projects include a vaccine backpack, vaccine carrier redesign, pediatric pulse oximetry, hazardous medical waste management, and at-home DMPA-SC (female contractive) disposal. Our design teams participate in global outreaches and design competitions with stellar local and international accomplishments. We strive to ensure our designs address the current obstacles associated with the adoption of existing products in international healthcare centers.

Global Medical Brigades Global Medical Brigades is an organization on campus that allows students to play an active role in the organization and running of mobile health care clinics in developing countries alongside in-country staff and physicians. Your donations will help students pay for their food, housing, and flights for this year's trip to Honduras.

Health Advocacy and Organization (Medical School) The mission of the Health Advocacy Organization is to develop, support, and sustain students’ professional commitment to advocacy. Physicians have a strong tradition of advocacy to improve the health of their patients. However, curricula on the political determinants of health and methods of enacting political change are limited. HAO is trailblazing innovative curricula, and funding student research to work with community partners on scientific approaches to improve the health of our community. Your support empowers students to address health disparities through political action on social and economic determinants to improve population health.

International Student Support Fund The International Student Support Fund provides financial support for CWRU’s international students during times of crisis. International students can have very unique challenges that are rooted in being legally present in the United States as a non-citizen. Many international students have experienced financial difficulties as a result of the pandemic including unexpected travel costs or additional room and board expenses for those unable to return home due to travel restrictions.

Mandel School Student Emergency Fund The pandemic has added financial stresses to people all over the world, and the students at the Mandel School are no exception. Many students are in financial distress having lost jobs which provided income to live off of while in school, some are trying to get home while other students have to find somewhere to go.  Some just need to buy food.  The requests from students to date amount to $7,200, and our Student Emergency Fund has only Approximately $800 left. Please make a gift to the Mandel School Student Emergency Fund to help a student this holiday season.  Thank you - your gift will make a difference!

Momentum Fund  The Office of Multicultural Affairs (OMA) encourages, supports and facilitates the success of all CWRU students by providing opportunities for diverse interaction and cultural education that occurs outside of the classroom environment. Each year, OMA provides student scholarships to students in need who embody the pillars of leadership, scholarship, service, and inclusion. In addition to funding tuition costs for current students, scholarships can be used for study abroad, research opportunities, and professional conferences to enhance their educational experience at CWRU.

PERIOD @ CWRU PERIOD @ CWRU’s mission is to advocate for menstrual care on CWRU’s campus and in the Cleveland community. We aim to normalize menstruation for all students regardless of gender identity, provide menstrual products for those in need, educate about menstruation, and affect legislation by empowering students to raise awareness about the issue of period poverty and stigma surrounding menstruation and create change. Our greatest issue is that we do not have enough products to serve all of our community partners. Your gift will go to providing menstrual products to menstruators in need throughout the Cleveland community.

Project Sunshine Project Sunshine is a service organization that focuses on bringing a sense of normalcy to children facing medical challenges. As members of Project Sunshine, we spend the year creating events for the children at University Hospitals and Ronald McDonald House. This year, your support will go towards purchasing holiday toys for kids in the hospital.

Robert L. Haynie, MD, PhD Endowed Scholarship  This newly endowed scholarship honors Robert L. Haynie, MD, PhD (GRS '72, MED '78) emeritus faculty member, former dean of the Robbins Society, and former Associate Dean for Student Affairs, who, in every aspect of his life and career, seeks equity, equality, and justice in education and medicine.

Stephanie Tubbs-Jones Award The Stephanie Tubbs-Jones Award recognizes an underrepresented, undergraduate CWRU student for significant contributions to campus life, scholarship, and community service. These three characteristics were best demonstrated by Tubbs-Jones, a Case alum who was actively involved in campus life and the nearby community. In 1998, Tubbs-Jones was the first African-American woman to represent Ohio in the U.S. House of Representatives. She was serving her fifth term when she died in August, 2008. 

The Feminist Collective The FCC @ CWRU works to promote and practice intersectional feminism on our campus and in the community through direct action, communication, and empowerment. We hope to help everyone engage in necessary dialog to make our campus a safer and more inclusive space. With the recent wave of social activism, it is imperative to our organization that we keep the momentum going and bring concrete change to the student body. Your support will help us continue to fight for a more inclusive campus and community.

Undergraduate Diversity Collaborative Lending Library Project  UDC aims to empower students to be successful in and outside the classroom, regardless of their financial status. The UDC Lending Library Project lends technological resources such as laptops, graphing calculators, and iClickers to students who may currently be unable to afford such materials. This system of lending is unique in that it allows students the freedom to take their devices with them wherever they go. Your support helps to close the resource gap between financially insecure students and their peers. Thank you for your contribution!

Veterans Outreach Program: Stars, Stripes and Smiles Stars, Stripes and Smiles began as a two-year pilot program from 2018-2019 to give back to those who served our country. With over 68,000 veterans in Cuyahoga County alone, this program seeks to grow from a single day of treating veterans on Veterans Day, to a year-round comprehensive dental treatment program. The goal of Stars, Stripes and Smiles is to provide home-care oral health supplies and cover comprehensive dental care year-round as a way to give back to those who selflessly gave to protect and serve our country. 

WISER - Women in Science & Engineering Roundtable  The Women in Science and Engineering Roundtable (WISER) aims to promote the inclusion and success of all women pursuing a Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics (STEM) - related career at Case Western Reserve University through leadership, mentorship, and outreach. WISER offers opportunities to build leadership and professional skills, take part in community outreach, and experience mentoring to support student success in male-dominated STEM fields. We empower women with strategies to face the pressures associated with pursuing STEM.

WISHED (Women in Science and Humanities Earning Doctorates) WISHED (Women in Science and Humanities Earning Doctorates) seeks to create a community of female doctoral students and candidates with the goal of providing social and professional resources for individual and collective development.

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