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CWRU ALL IN Day of Giving is a one-day effort to inspire alumni, parents, friends, faculty and staff to give back to Case Western Reserve University. This day encourages university alumni and friends to share pictures and memories of their time here, to give updates on where they are now, and to reconnect with the amazing things happening on campus. 

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US Donor Map

Designation Leaderboard

The College Fund (College of Arts and Sciences) 149$79,049
Other 5$275
Department of Music 3$5,510
Department of Psychological Sciences 3$620
Friends of Theater 2$101
Department of History 2$101
Department of Art History and Art 2$125
Department of Chemistry 2$75
Department of Mathematics, Applied Math and Statistics 2$70
Department of Physics 2$75
Department of Political Science 2$150
Department of Astronomy 1$50
Institute for the Science of Origins 1$10
Department of Biology 1$25
Department of Anthropology 1$100
Department of Communication Sciences 1$50
Department of English 1$50
History Associates Membership 0$0
Friends of the Dittrick Museum 0$0
Friends of Music 0$0
Friends of English 0$0
Friends of Dance 0$0
Friends of Art 0$0
Department of Theater Arts 0$0
Department of Sociology 0$0
Department of Religious Studies 0$0
Department of Philosophy 0$0
Department of Modern Languages and Literatures 0$0
Department of Cognitive Sciences 0$0
Department of Classics 0$0

Donor affiliations

38% Alumni

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1% Students

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4% Parents

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17% Faculty/Staff

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Donor list

John and Megan Jervinsky
Nancy Klepper-Kilgore
Kim Chapple
Carole Banks Russo
Susan C Wang
Ronald J. Buta
Hugh C. Gilbert, M.D.
Cyrus C Taylor
Richard F. Madole
Martine L Trinka
Annabella Roufca
Tiffany Tainter
William C. Ferry
Jessica Poprocki
Tom Gealey
Rosanna W Wong
Suzette Dutch
Maggie Popkin
Julie Lund
Celena Kopinski
Barbara G. Werner
Robert I Middleman
Michael Chien
Jacqueline Elcik
David J. Marec
Hoa Luong
Annbeth Peck Shanfield
Elizabeth Bolman
Evan Y Lim
Olga & Craig Zullig
Lowell W. Gerson
Robert P. Bennett, Ph.D.
Lisa Chiu photoLisa Chiu
Dennis A Block
Jeffrey Sommer photoJeffrey Sommer

Kate Davis matched $15
John Templeman photoJohn Templeman matched $25
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