Kim's Paint Bucket 2019 Campaign

This campaign ended on July 22, 2019, but you can still make a gift to Capitol Hill Arts Workshop by clicking here!

I am now in my third year of serving as Treasurer of the Board of the Capitol Hill Arts Workshop (CHAW), a wonderful organization that ensures that the arts remain an important part of the DC community. Please check out CHAW’s 2018 Annual Report to learn more about everything the organization accomplished last year in support of this mission (spoiler alert: last year, CHAW served over 9,000 students and patrons through 186 different classes and workshops, among other amazing accomplishments).  

One of the most wonderful things about CHAW is the fact that we have never turned a potential student away for the inability to pay. In 2018, we provided over $110,000 in tuition assistance, subsidized rental space, and outreach efforts to help homeless youth, displaced young adults, and veterans and their families experience and participate in the arts. A few weeks ago, we launched our Paint Bucket Campaign, an annual effort to raise funds for CHAW’s tuition assistance program. This year, we plan to raise $70,000 by July 22nd and I would much appreciate your support in this fundraising effort.  

To that end, I am asking that you help me reach my personal Paint Bucket goal of $2,500. I will match $25 for every $250 donated toward this personal goal and Evan has offered to give high fives to everyone who donates! Help ensure that he doles out as many high fives as possible by becoming an advocate for this campaign—use the social media, text, and email links found on the Advocates tab to easily share my Paint Bucket campaign with your network. We see the positive effect of creativity and the arts every day at CHAW, so help us spread the arts far and wide. 

Thanks so much for considering a donation to CHAW's Paint Bucket 2019 Campaign!



Donor list

Yonatan Doron
Shermica Farquhar
Elizabeth Breidinger
Scully, William
Lindsey Yeargin
Nan and Popster
Jacqui Fowler
Mike & Mary Ensor
Greg Yagoda
Richelle Kalnit
Scott Smith
Brian Allen
Kathryn Scully
Anna V. Jones
Kim Langenhahn photoKim Langenhahn

An Anonymous Donor matched $100
Karen Cohen matched $100
Jenny Werwa photoJenny Werwa matched $200
Rachel Kanter photoRachel Kanter matched $200
Kim Langenhahn photoKim Langenhahn matched $250
Maria Conticelli matched $300
No Challenges