Deniro's Golden Birthday Fundraiser

This campaign ended on June 24, 2019, but you can still make a gift to Capitol Hill Arts Workshop by clicking here!

Dear Friends & Family,

On June 14th, our sweet and lovable Deniro will be celebrating his 14th birthday and with his chronic health issues this past year, we find ourselves quite fortunate to celebrate another birthday with our fur baby.

To mark this special occasion, I am raising funds in his name for CHAW's Paint Bucket campaign. My goal is to raise $1,400 in 14 days for his 14th birthday.


Outside of my daughter, my husband, my family, and my pup, the arts hold a very special place in my heart. Capitol Hill Arts Workshop (CHAW) in Washington, DC is an amazing organization that provides arts education and has helped provide a safe space where children from different racial, socio-economic, and geographic backgrounds can learn and play.

The arts, particularly theater and dance, helped shape who I am today. I was very fortunate to have had access to the arts, but know that many children in my hometown were unable to share my experience due to their economic situation. I love that CHAW in its nearly 50 year history has never turned a student away for their inability to pay.

I thank you all in advance for your support and hope CHAW and the arts can find a special place in your heart as it has in mine.


We got Deniro in 2005, when my brother got him for me as my college graduation present. Deniro was only six weeks old when we met him and he was then, and remains today, the cutest, softest and sweetest puppy dog in the entire world. Many who know him, describe him as a living stuffed animal and just like a plush dog, he is incredible at snuggling and a master at napping. 

Deniro has been an incredible companion, he is more than man's best friend, he is our fur baby and we are so very fortunate he entered our lives almost 14 years ago. We certainly hope we are able to celebrate many more and continue to cherish every day he is with us, especially every sweet moment he shares with our daughter.

Thank you again for your support!


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