CHAW Works! 2019 End of Year Campaign

This campaign ended on December 31, 2019, but you can still make a gift to Capitol Hill Arts Workshop by clicking here!


Where else can you find a violinist in a pink cat costume sharing space with a troupe of Shakespearean actors, an exhibit of memorial quilts, a tap dancer who started taking classes in order to help her quit smoking, a little boy who is blind and deaf asleep on the lap of his counselor because he had such a fun and exhausting day at summer camp, and a professional artist drawing a ginormous fly on the wall of our art gallery? 

It’s not a trick question. 

Hint: It’s the Capitol Hill Arts Workshop (CHAW).

For almost 50 years CHAW has been a hub for the exchange of ideas among and appreciation for students, artists and audiences of every stripe.   The diversity of CHAW is what makes it unique.   The people of Capitol Hill are what make it special.   

CHAW works because the arts enable us to share the stories that unite and connect us. CHAW works to encourage the creation of art that defines us. CHAW works by providing a place that allows us to develop skills, nurture talent, meet new people, and socialize with old friends.  CHAW works because we all need a vehicle for self-expression and a place where we feel we belong. 

Your donation today will keep this neighborhood treasure alive and vital for the sake of all future dancers, campers, artists, and pink cats of our community. 


Last year, 725 students took 930 classes; 112 students took 3762 private music lessons; 11 theater companies gave 103 performances viewed by 2472 audience members; and, 2347 people participated in outreach classes, community workshops, and partner programs at CHAW.  We hosted 2 professional artist residencies, 10 art exhibits, and 2 performance festivals; And, we provided $112,000 in tuition waivers, subsidized rental fees and pro-bono services to anyone who needed them.

 Financial contributions from our generous donors are what made this all possible.

Donor list

Ilene Photos
Douglass Delano
Emily Bell
Rebecca Abts Wright
Emily Toll and Steve Pershing
David L. Lenter
Erik and Lisa Oksala
CoraLee Khambatta
Neil A Levy
Peter J Erwin
Anna Kompanek
Michael Freeman
Mary E Fraker
Elizabeth Carriger Erwin photoElizabeth Carriger Erwin
Erik Mueller
Jennifer Stoloff
Katie and Joe Hodge
Carla Ochs
John Shore
Martine combal
Oehme, van Sweden & Associates, Inc.
Hannah & Steven Blumenfeld
Ross Leasure
Christie Walser
Adrianne G Threatt
Marian Wiseman
Tom and Tunde Wackman
David Egelhofer and Diane Rosenthal
Laurie Gillman
Catherine Carlton
Suzanne and Geoffrey Brown
Matthew Sokolowski
Catherine Barrett Gima
Christopher Lin
Danielle Liquori

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