Diversity in Design Scholarship

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Invest in Scholarships Today to Ensure Diverse Voices in Design Tomorrow

Designers can shape the future by facing today’s challenges head-on and envisioning alternatives. If we are to reimagine and rebuild a more just world, we need all voices to turn this moment into a movement. We must diversify design education and practice.

This can only be accomplished by opening design education to more BIPOC and LGBTQ students. Scholarships are the key. 

To support a new generation of design leaders, we ask friends and colleagues to help launch the Diversity in Design Scholarship at CCA. 

Our goal is to raise $100,000 for immediate use awards for talented design students. Celebrated designers and industry leaders, including PayPal Design, Michael & Tammy Borosky, and Mara Holt Skov, have collectively contributed $81,000+ to inspire others.

Gifts at all levels help promising students fulfill their potential in the CCA Design program.

Invest in Scholarships Today to Ensure Diverse Voices in Design Tomorrow.

Opportunities to Give and Engage

  • For ways to give, please contact Karen Weber at kweber@cca.edu | m 415.703.9555
  • Initiate a Matching Gift and/or a Challenge among colleagues or teams to encourage participation
  • CCA can arrange opportunities for you to meet scholarship recipients.
  • Helen Maria Nugent, Dean of Design, can arrange opportunities for you to engage with Design students through in-class visits and mentorship opportunities. 

Questions? Contact Karen Weber at kweber@cca.edu or 415.703.9555.

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