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This campaign ended on May 31, 2018, but you can still make a gift to Baldwin School of Puerto Rico by clicking here!


The overwhelming majority of schools in Puerto Rico suffered damage during Hurricanes Irma and Maria. Many schools are in crisis, NOT recovery. Please help us get our schools up and running. 

On September 20, the island of Puerto Rico was decimated by Hurricane Maria. A humanitarian crisis continues to unfold. Our hopes to rebuild lie with our children, and that is where our efforts must be directed. Many island schools suffered major damages. An overwhelming majority of schools have yet to reopen, and others offer reduced hours and partial programs. Our children deserve to continue their learning and their schools need to rebuild all that was lost.

In light of this, the Baldwin School of Puerto Rico is raising money to provide hurricane relief grants to public schools affected by Irma and María. These schools are in dire need of funds to repair their facilities, purchase materials and books, provide food and water to their students, and restore a sense of normalcy among their communities.

Our postal system is still working through extreme backlogs in their distribution. FEMA still holds obvious priority. In light of these factors and the cost of shipping, the best way to make a difference now is through a monetary donation. Additionally, all supplies will be purchased locally to support our struggling economy.

All proceeds from funds raised through this campaign will be used for direct relief efforts. No portion of these funds will go to support Baldwin School. We are fortunate to be fully operational these past few weeks, and intend for all schools to have the same opportunity. An expedited grant process will ensure swift relief to the neediest schools.

When our kids are in a safe learning environment, they are better able to cope and regain a sense of normalcy. Every donation can make a difference. Together we can keep education a top priority. 

Time is of the essence. Please donate today!

As a 501(c)3 organization, all of your donations are fully tax deductible as applicable by law.

If you prefer to send a check, please make it out to: "Baldwin School of Puerto Rico" 

Mail to:
Baldwin School of PR
Attn: Development Office
PO Box 1827
Bayamón PR 00960

Have a question? Feel free to contact us 


Please click here to submit a grant application.

Photo Sources from video: 

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Update November 2018

New playground equipment for the Escuela Ramón Marín Solá has been installed! This equipment was purchased and installed with a restricted donation from The Birchwood School in Cleveland, Ohio, thanks to the efforts of their students who held a fitness fundraiser to help schools in Puerto Rico. We are also grateful to all of the very kind donors to Caribbean Schools Rise. Your gifts helped to provide the necessary funds to complete the project. The children of Escuela Ramón Marín Solá have a new area for fun and exploration during their recess times. We thank you all for your support!  

2021 days ago by Sarina Green
Update October 2018

As promised in our last update, we followed up with the schools we have been working with as part of the Caribbean Schools Rise campaign:

Thanks to all of your donations, we completed our mini library plans by donating bookshelves to each of the schools who received books from us over the summer (Escuela Juan Ramón Ocasio, Escuela Maria E. Bas de Vazquez, Escuela Ines María Mendoza, and Escuela Amalia Marin). Due to the Dept. of Education changes, Escuela Juan Ramón Ocasio has closed. Their mini library was sent to Escuela Ramón Marín Solá - the same school that their students have relocated to.

The Birchwood School in Cleveland, Ohio gave a restricted donation for 2 specific schools in Puerto Rico. With that donation, we supplied 6 new Air Conditioners to Escuela Rafael Hernández Marín; and gave $3000 towards a new playground to Escuela Ramón Marín Solá.   

California high school student, Jared Salary, also made a restricted donation as part of his Community Service Project at Santa Rosa Academy. He collected school supplies which were delivered to Escuela Ramón Marín Solá, as well as $315 towards their new playground.

We thank you all for your kind contributions towards helping Caribbean Schools Rise!

2081 days ago by Sarina Green
Update June 2018

We are very happy to report that the current total raised for Caribbean Schools Rise is $47,888.37! 

This past month, we have been bringing "mini libraries" for classrooms to public schools with books from Aparicio Educational Book Distributors. We delivered a beautiful selection of Spanish language books for children to Escuela Roman Ocasio, Escuela Maria E. Bas de Vazquez, Escuela Ines Maria Mendoza, and Escuela Amalia Marin.

Since our last update, there have been changes within the Puerto Rico Department of Education. Approximately 250 plus public schools are being closed and many students are being transferred to other schools. 

This affected the campaign as some of the schools we are working with are either closing or becoming "receivers" to students from other schools. Nonetheless, we were able to get enough details of the situation to be sure the students received the intended donations regardless of the school they will be attending.  

At this time we still have $11,900 that will be allocated once the new school year begins in August. These will help the "receiving" schools with last minute needs due to the incoming additional students.

We once again thank you for your kind contribution towards helping Caribbean schools rise!

2183 days ago by Sarina Green

We are happy to report that with your generous donations we are busily distributing supplies to local schools.

We have divided donations between public and private schools. On December 1st we sent $15,000 to the Caribbean Association of Independent Schools so that they may distribute funds amongst needy independent schools in Puerto Rico and the USVI, as Baldwin focuses on the public schools in Puerto Rico.

We asked representatives from local public schools what specific supplies they are in immediate need of to help normalize the school day. Based on their responses, we have so far delivered the following:

  • Cases of letter size photocopier paper and toner to Escuela Marta Velez de Fajardo in Bayamón
  • Cleaning products and a first aid kit to Escuela Rafael Hernandez Marín in Summit Hills
  • Sports and PE equipment to Escuela María E. Bas de Vazquez in Bayamón
  • Cleaning supplies and hand sanitizer to Escuela Inés María Mendoza in Bayamón
  • Materials to rebuild the school garden to Escuela Juan Ramon Ocasio in Guaynabo

We are working with Aparicio Distributors, an educational books and materials distributor in Puerto Rico, to establish mini libraries in as many classrooms as possible. Company representatives are visiting each school and assessing their specific needs. As soon as we have the final list of needs and costs we will send another update.

We once again thank you for your kind contribution towards helping Caribbean schools rise!

2289 days ago by Sarina Green
Update for March 2018

We would like to say Thank You to the following people for mailing their donation to the school.

Duke School, North Carolina


Ronald & Kathy Mortensen

Sanchaita Mukherjee Grady '97

Jessica Alfonzo

Grace Perez



Glenview-Northbrook Kiwanis Foundation

Kevin Trivett

KTC Fund

Javier Perez Navarrete

Mariana Muratti-Guzman

Moraima Rivera

Letyushka Juan

William Tell Elementary School, Indiana

2289 days ago by Gertrude C. Pennock (Trudy)

Effective today, December 1, 2017, all future donations will be directed towards Puerto Rico public schools in need.

Funds that have already been received up until December 1, have already been designated to both public and private schools.

2385 days ago by Sarina Green

2403 days ago by Sarina Green
We are pleased to share this article posted in the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) Independent Ideas Journal:

"Two Months After Hurricanes Devastate the Caribbean, Schools Fight to Rise" by James Nelligan

2403 days ago by Sarina Green
Update for November 13, 2017

We would like to say Thank You to the following people for mailing their donation to the school.

Angel Diaz '87

Vanessa Diaz '91

Gary & Becky Granger

2403 days ago by Gertrude C. Pennock (Trudy)

We would like to thank everyone who previously donated to this campaign through the Caribbean Association of Independent Schools.

Dan & Judy White 

Josh Watson

Deborah Richman
Adam M

Gloria N. Sola

Judy Yager 

Nydia Moran

Lilliana Emanuelli 


Laurita Montalvo 

Guillermo Fradera
Douglas & Trudy Pennock

Island Pacific Academy (2018 & 2020)

Eva Moravcik 

Mary Mongiardini
Axelrod Ohana

Nicole Silver 

Lisa, Ron, Sarah & Matthew

Macon Jenningses 

Max Power


Lisa Savage

Steve and Kerry 

Laura Neil 

Deborah Hughes
Karen Phoenix

Mike and Kate Pedrotty 

2424 days ago by Patricia del Cueto

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