Build a Better Baldwin: The November Giving Challenge

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This campaign ended on November 30, 2016, but you can still make a gift to Baldwin School of Puerto Rico by clicking here!
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An Anonymous DonorAn Anonymous Donor gave $1,000 because 250 donors gave
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Become an Advocate for this challenge by sharing in your social media. When you generate 5 or more donations, we will send you a Baldwin USB 4GB flash drive!

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The first 20 people to donate $50 will receive a Baldwin Bulls notepad!

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The first 10 people to donate $100 will receive a Baldwin Bulls visor!

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The first 5 people to donate $150 will receive a Baldwin portfolio and pen!

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The first 5 people to donate $250 will receive a Baldwin Bulls athletic polo shirt!

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When you donate $500, you will automatically be entered in a raffle for VIP SEATING FOR 6 IN THE VPAC at an event of your choice within Dec 2016 - Dec 2017!

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Join the Bandits Circle. When you give $2500, a plaque etched with your name will be added to the base of our Giving Tree.

Donate $5,000
Join the Founders Circle. When you give $5000, a 4x8 inch brick paver engraved with your name will be installed along the Giving Tree path.

Donate $10,000
Join the Headmaster's Circle. When you give $10,000 or more, an 8x8 inch brick paver engraved with your name will be installed along the Giving Tree path.

At Baldwin, we strive to inspire a passion for learning and to empower each child to take responsibility as an open-minded, principled citizen in a global community. We take seriously our commitment to investing in the people and programs that make Baldwin the school of choice for so many families. 

For the month of November, we are challenging the Baldwin community to make 500 donations in 30 days. (Watch the video at the top of this page.) 

No gift is too big or too small...every gift counts!

Your gift is deductible to the full extent allowed by tax law.

There is no better investment than the education of our children. When you make a donation, you are helping us build a better Baldwin, a better Puerto Rico, and a better world!

You decide how your gift will be used....

  • The Annual Fund: your unrestricted donation helps us maintain a high-quality educational experience for our children in an ever-shifting economic environment. This fund supports the continued growth of educational programs and infrastructure at Baldwin. In spite of the uncertainty of our times, we are fully committed to a world-class experience for our students. 
  • The Capital Campaign for the Innovation Center: you can help build our much needed new libraries, and center for science, technology, and engineering. 
  • The Scholarship Program: you can help a student with limited financial resources obtain a full tuition, lunch, supplies, and support from 7th - 12th grade. 
  • The Summer Institute for Public School Teachers and Students: you can support professional development opportunities for public school teachers and academic enhancement for 3rd, 4th, & 5th grade public school students. 

Support the Baldwin Experience and Grow With Us!

Have questions? Feel free to call or email Director of Development, Gertrude Pennock, at 787-720-2421 x250 or

Donor update

We want to acknowledge our donors who made a gift off line.

*Enrique Arsuaga

*Socorrito Diaz

*Ilia Diaz - in honor of Angel Diaz '87 and Vanessa Diaz '91

*Mayi Caratini

*Vilma López

*Rosa Janer

*Ian Baez '2024

*William Collazo

*Juan Rosario (Chae)

*Ismael Román 

*Betzaida Rivera

*Mary Ann Loinaz

*Iris Martin


*Paola Marchena

*Gustavo de Jesús Castillo '2030

*Ignacio de Jesús Castillo '2030

*Elimari Sánchez

*Javier Nazario

*Javier Nazario Sanchez '2022

*Nicolas Nazario Sanchez '2024

*Pablo Nazario Sanchez '2027

*Maita Jaunarena

*Nancy Arsuaga

*Nicole Ponce

*Ida Colón

*Michelle Vega

*Zaira Hernández

*Bianca Mark '2017

*American Int'l College - in memory of Rollin Baldwin

*Jose Humberto Oliveras Ocasio

*Carola Oliveras Rodriguez '2018

*Luis Oliveras Ramos

*Maria Ocasio Gracia

*Mara Roman

*Glenda Roman

*Ismael Alberto Roman

*Sebastian Cambo

*Ana Cordova

*Familia Padilla in honor of class 2017

*Familia Montalvo in honor of class 2017

*Sheila Conley


*José Rivera in honor of Isabella '2028

*Padrick Moran '2018

*Isabella Moran '2019

*Gavin Moran '2021

*Evelyn Ruiz

*Eleanor Schatz

*Elizabeth Pennock

*Mari Ortiz

*Sebastian Cruz

*Marcos Cruz

*Joaquin Cruz

*Anica Diaz

*Osvaldo Goyco

*Junior Goyco

*Mariangie Goyco

*Paola Goyco

*Michelle Fergelec

*Blanchi Viñas

*Rosa Rodriguez

*Debbie Lafuente

*Gerald Cruz

*Doris Rodriguez

*Iris del Rosario

*Ana Noemi Mora

*Juan Mora

*Iglesia Santa Rosa de Lima, Guaynabo

Fela Raimundi, Jesus R Monge, Doris Torres, Ana Baez, Alicia Galarza, Iris Pizarro, Helen Vazquez, Pascual Rivera, Ana Sylvia Colon, Felicita Monge, Esteban Monge, Angelina Maldonado, Fela Ortiz, Victor Viguella, Dulce Maria Viguella, Maria Sanchez, Dalila Garcia, Mimi Cobas



2696 days ago by Gertrude C. Pennock (Trudy)
We also acknowledge all of those who have generously donated in the previous year 2015-2016! Thank you for supporting the Baldwin Experience - Let's keep growing!

Donors List 2015-2016

2722 days ago by Sarina Green

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