International Student Food Security

This campaign ended on July 01, 2020, but you can still make a gift to Augustana College by clicking here!

Help our international students who cannot return home.

This spring Augustana continued to house and feed nearly 120 International students. These students were unable to return home or elected to remain on campus to guarantee access to technology needed to ensure their education was not disrupted.

Here are the financial hardships they have encountered:

• loss of campus jobs as Augustana employees continue to work from home

• not eligible for room and board refunds offered to students who left campus

• not eligible for emergency grants U.S. citizens received.

Some of the students are returning home now, but nearly 70 international students must remain on campus for the summer because borders remain closed and emergency flights are infrequent and incredibly expensive because of the global COVID-19 crisis. 

Augustana is doing everything possible to care for and serve these students, including:

• offering a significantly reduced rate for on-campus lodging

• maintaining supplies in Campus Cupboard, the college’s free student food bank, as the Gerber Center dining hall is closed

• meeting the needs of those who request aid for emergency circumstances, such as medical issues

In an effort to provide access to fresh food and ensure food security for these international students who must remain on campus, Augustana College plans to work with local grocers, identify potential institutional funds and inspire alumni and others to support these students by sponsoring a $500 grocery gift card. 

We invite you to help Augustana show its support of our international students by making a gift to ensure these students are food secure during their summer months on the campus that has become their home away from home. 

Interested in additional ways to help Augustana's international students? Contact Liz Nino, Director of International Recruitment and International Student Life (, 309-794-7540) or Xong Sony Yang, Director, Office of International Student and Scholar Services (, 309-794-8274).



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