Give to the Max Day 2021

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This campaign successfully reached its goal on November 19, 2021!
Recliner for a Homeless Resting Room
113% 50 Donorsfunded$5,670 Donated
Interfaith Abroad for Low-Income Auggies
32% 30 Donorsfunded$2,431 Donated
2021 Augsburg Men's Wrestling Fundraiser
122% 238 Donorsfunded$30,733 Donated
2021 Support Augsburg Women's Basketball
86% 50 Donorsfunded$4,309 Donated
2021 Augsburg Women's Hockey Fund
95% 43 Donorsfunded$9,550 Donated
Give to the Max. Football Fundraiser
30% 56 Donorsfunded$7,553 Donated
Augsburg Youth Theology Institute
29% 20 Donorsfunded$871 Donated
Joel Torstenson Professor Endowment
104% 36 Donorsfunded$10,472 Donated
2021 Augsburg Men's Soccer Fundraiser
65% 49 Donorsfunded$7,575 Donated
Women's Soccer International Trip
117% 51 Donorsfunded$5,857 Donated
Pan Asian Student Services Scholarship 2021
63% 15 Donorsfunded$3,160 Donated
2021 Jordan M. Roberge Forum Scholarship
190% 30 Donorsfunded$9,525 Donated
2021 Augsburg Strength and Conditioning
21% 11 Donorsfunded$540 Donated
Delta Mu Delta Honor Society/Estrem Scholars Mentor Program 2021
72% 5 Donorsfunded$2,175 Donated
2021 English Dept Speaker and Event Fund
170% 55 Donorsfunded$7,595 Donated
Send Music Therapy Students to Conference
26% 7 Donorsfunded$650 Donated
Campus Kitchen: Feeding our Community
108% 70 Donorsfunded$8,126 Donated
MN Urban Debate GTM/Mayors Challenge '21
79% 59 Donorsfunded$7,970 Donated
2021 Augsburg Lacrosse Fundraiser
126% 47 Donorsfunded$2,520 Donated
Augsburg University Volleyball Team
46% 27 Donorsfunded$2,326 Donated
Pilot Program for Physics/Engineering
38% 23 Donorsfunded$1,900 Donated
2021 Howling Bird Press Fundraiser
179% 27 Donorsfunded$2,697 Donated
2021 MFA in Creative Writing Scholarship
158% 12 Donorsfunded$790 Donated
Augsburg Chemistry Student Research 2021
76% 42 Donorsfunded$11,470 Donated
Sesquicentennial Scholarship Fund 2021
46% 3 Donorsfunded$2,345 Donated
6% 6 Donorsfunded$350 Donated
2021 Rel. & Phil. Majors/Minors Support
216% 19 Donorsfunded$2,160 Donated
​Master of Arts in Leadership 2021
53% 16 Donorsfunded$1,075 Donated
The Thomas McCue StepUP Scholarship 2021
100% 2 Donorsfunded$4,000 Donated
Mary Roberts Wilson Scholarship 2021
25% 8 Donorsfunded$500 Donated

A gift made directly through this page will go to the Augsburg Fund, which provides flexible, unrestricted support for financial aid, student services, research opportunities, and more! To support the 40+ other campus fundraising efforts, click the white thermometer on the relevant project below.

The past year and a half has demonstrated how vibrant and strong the Augsburg community is. As we continue adapting to changes, our commitment to keeping students at the center of all that we do remains steadfast, and this year we continue to need your support! We’re all in. Give to the Max Day is an opportunity to support and enrich the student experience and allow them to apply their education as they step out into the world.

Students walking
four Augsburg University students walking across a bridge in downtown Minneapolis. They are smiling with Auggie pride!

Our efforts would not be possible without all of the donors who support us on Give to the Max Day. If you wish to give directly to one (or more) of the 40+ other campus fundraisers, you can click on the Augsburg University logo in the top left to see a list of all our great projects. From athletics to academics to campus and community programs, find the project you’re most passionate about and give what you can!

No matter the size of your gift, the way you make it, or the reason you choose to give, your contribution matters and will touch lives. For those who may not be in a position to give, simply uplifting any of the projects to your social media or sharing with friends makes an impact. 

Thank you for your consideration and your commitment to Augsburg.

Go Auggies!

Picture of building
Aerial view of Hagfors Science building

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