Congratulations, Exeter!

The E/A Challenge 2019 took our storied rivalry to new heights. On behalf of both schools, thank you to those who participated! Every gift benefits all our students both inside and outside the classroom.


4312 Donors

213% of 2,019 Donors goal

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3787 Donors

188% of 2,019 Donors goal

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Exeter Updates

We Rallied. We Raised.

Thank you to our community members who rallied to support Exeter during the E/A Giving Challenge. We are grateful to all who made this challenge a success! 

Congratulations to Big Red — and Big Blue! This giving challenge, inspired by a beloved sports rivalry, has strengthened both of our institutions. When we rally, everybody wins!

Alissa Gumprecht - 12:27 Saturday, Nov 09, 2019

Keep Stepping Up Exonians! Let's Stay in the Lead!

"E/A is today, we're gonna win, that's what they say!" 

Alissa Gumprecht - 07:53 Saturday, Nov 09, 2019


Remember...the school with the most donors wins! Go Big Red!

Alissa Gumprecht - 01:31 Friday, Nov 08, 2019

We Are Going to Win This Challenge!

"We are very grateful for all you do to support our school." - Principal Bill Rawson '71, P'08

Alissa Gumprecht - 08:33 Friday, Nov 08, 2019

Think of All the Times We've Rallied!

"We've done it before, let's do it again! Go Big Red!" - Mike Lynch '72

Alissa Gumprecht - 12:25 Thursday, Nov 07, 2019

It’s time to rally Exonians! Hear the Call!

Support our students and help fly the flag at Andover!

Alissa Gumprecht - 08:38 Thursday, Nov 07, 2019

Don’t be late to the game Exonians! Rise to the challenge and #beatandover!

Let's make our flag fly over Andover!

Alissa Gumprecht - 01:08 Wednesday, Nov 06, 2019

Rally for Exeter! The E/A Giving Challenge Starts November 6 at NOON!

The school with the most donors wins and gets to fly their flag at the other campus.  Go Big Red! #beatandover

Alissa Gumprecht - 03:43 Tuesday, Oct 29, 2019
Andover Updates

Thank you, Big Blue!

You were amazing!

We came up short in the Andover-Exeter Challenge. But what an incredible show of support from our PA community worldwide! We are so grateful for your generosity.

Plus, the real winners? Our talented students, who will benefit from your gifts in the classroom, on the playing field, and across campus. Your participation truly makes great things happen at Andover. 

Congratulations to Exeter! Big Blue, thank you again for your tremendous support!

Amy Dattilo - 12:03 Saturday, Nov 09, 2019

Time is running out!

Let's rally strong for Big Blue right now before the challenge ends at noon EST. Go, Andover!

Amy Dattilo - 10:20 Saturday, Nov 09, 2019

Andover, let's keep it rolling!

There's still time to put Big Blue on top. Make a difference for our students, and beat Exeter!

Amy Dattilo - 03:29 Friday, Nov 08, 2019

Big Blue on the march!

Cheers to you, Andover! We hit our goal, but the challenge continues. We're moving forward strong. Be part of our success story!

Amy Dattilo - 10:44 Friday, Nov 08, 2019

Help Andover ride the Big Blue wave to victory!

Your support makes great things happen for our students. Participate now!

Amy Dattilo - 08:52 Friday, Nov 08, 2019

Keep that Big Blue spirit up!

No one rallies like Andover. Give now to support our students—and topple our rivals to the north!

Amy Dattilo - 04:39 Thursday, Nov 07, 2019

Dig deep, Andover!

Let's show 'em what Big Blue can do. Make your gift, strengthen our student experience, and beat Exeter!

Amy Dattilo - 10:22 Thursday, Nov 07, 2019

Rally for Big Blue!

Every gift supports Andover students—and helps beat Exeter!

Amy Dattilo - 03:33 Wednesday, Nov 06, 2019

The A-E Challenge starts at noon!

Help Andover get off to a roaring start! Will Big Blue win? It's up to you!

Amy Dattilo - 11:50 Wednesday, Nov 06, 2019