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UNH College of Liberal Arts

Challenge: If 700 donors give to any area of the College of Liberal Arts, the COLA Dean's Fund will receive an extra $107,000

Classics, Humanities and Italian Studies

Challenge: If 30 donors make a gift to CHI, their general fund will unlock a bonus $2,500 to support students' Study Abroad goals and bring COLA worldwide!


Challenge: If 25 donors give to Communications, the Civil Discourse Lab, or any fund within the department, a $10,000 underwriting gift will be unlocked to further support the department's educational opportunities that “keep the conversation going.


Challenge: Be one of 25 donors to any fund within Education to unlock an additional $2,000 in underwriter support to support Wildcats entering the teaching field and further break down financial barriers for students to become successful teachers in New Hampshire and beyond!


Challenge: If 60 donors give to any fund within the English department, $5,000 will be unlocked to enhance the student experience through funding outside the classroom trips, inviting speakers on literature and graphic novels to campus, pioneering programs to introduce high school students to UNH and more!


Challenge: Generous alumni underwriters have stepped up with $8,500 in additional funding if we reach our goal of 75 donors. You might be the one that unlocks those funds by making a gift to support Wildcats in their academic journeys abroad to further research and understanding in foreign travel with a gift to the History department and the Cathy Frierson International Travel Fund.


Challenge: Be one of 60 donors to unlock $6,000 in funds to support the department's goals of increasing Music scholarship to offset tuition costs, expanding community outreach by sponsoring ensembles to travel for performances, recruitment, and sponsoring visiting artists.

Theatre and Dance

Challenge: If 60 donors make gifts supporting the Theatre and Dance department, they'll not only be able to continue to provide innovative experiences for their students and upgrade performance spaces, but will also unlock $1,000 in bonus funds!

Wildcat Marching Band

Challenge: Everyone's favorite marching band is in serious need of a new drumline- will you be one of the 100 donors to get them to their $20,000 goal to replace their equipment, and help unlock $6,000 in underwriter funds in the process?