Camden Scarlet Seniors

This campaign ended on May 20, 2020, but you can still make a gift to Rutgers University by clicking here!

I know how excited we all were to celebrate our last semester at Rutgers. While we won’t follow in the footsteps of those who walked before us, our graduation will certainly be memorable. 

As we prepare to move on to the next phase of our lives, no matter how unconventional our graduation will be, students and programs at Rutgers will still need support.

And right now, I know many members of our class need assistance. If you need support, guidance, or information, please contact

What we can control now is how we move forward. The Scarlet Seniors Class Campaign is a tradition designed to leave behind a legacy of philanthropy. Let's rally together to help our classmates, especially during these challenging times.

If you are able to make a gift, below are some suggested funds to support. Please also know you can choose to give to any Rutgers area you find most meaningful.

Rutgers–Camden Chancellor's Emergency Fund

  • Some students face a financial crisis after an emergency that could derail their academic progress. The student emergency assistance funds help provide a safety net to students in need.

Rutgers COVID-19 Response Fund 

  • This fund will support research, education, and clinical care at RBHS, the state’s leading academic health care system, as it responds to the COVID-19 pandemic.              

The Class of 2020 is resilient. I know we will make it through these uncertain times even stronger, and we will celebrate our degrees and all of our accomplishments.

Stay well!

Scarlet Forever,
Zachari Glover SBC'20

P.S. Any senior making either a $5 monthly or a one-time $25 gift to Rutgers will receive a philanthropy cord. All cords will be mailed in early June, after the Scarlet Seniors Class Campaign ends.

Designation Leaderboard

Rutgers - Camden Chancellor's Emergency Fund 32$870
Camden College of Arts and Sciences Scholarship Fund 15$375
School of Business-Camden Scholarship Fund 12$575
Camden College of Arts and Sciences Academic Excellence 11$275
School of Nursing–Camden Support Fund 11$275
Raptor Student Food Pantry 11$355
Area of Greatest Need (Camden Chancellor's Fund) 9$500
EOF- Educational Opportunity Fund in Camden 8$475
Rutgers COVID-19 Response Fund 8$200
Rutgers Future Scholars (College Access) Program in Camden 7$175
Undergraduate Research Fund 6$150
Camden Civic Engagement Fund 5$125
Student Veterans Program-Camden 5$125
Other (Write In) at Rutgers-Camden 4$100
LGBT Camden Emergency Fund 4$100
Athletics-Scarlet Raptors 4$100
School of Business-Camden Academic Excellence 3$75
School of Nursing-Camden Scholarship Fund 3$75
Learning Abroad Program 2$55
Honors College-Camden Gift Fund 2$50
Honors College-Camden Scholarship Fund 2$50
Community Leadership Center 1$25
Student Organizations in Camden 0$0
Rutgers–Camden Center for the Arts Support Fund 0$0
Robeson Library Gift Fund 0$0
MARCH-Mid-Atlantic Regional Center for the Humanities 0$0
Division of Student Affairs 0$0

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Alexis M Fisher
Samir Lizalovic
Samantha Xanthopoulos
Dan Willing
Kevin M. Burnett, Jr.
Victoria Wroblewski
Elena Ramos
Kyle T. Jackson
Gina Burgos
Megan Ostrander
Casandra D Kammauf
Amanda M Hasson
Meghan Tereman
Alexander J Salvano
Mehgan, E, Marzi
Raul J Martir-Gonzalez
Douglas W. Adams
Analee Castilla
Kelsey M LaPorta
Naimah Wise
Jessica Bernal-Quintero
Amaya Farmer
Nicole C Demarco
Jessica L Littlestone
Tyshaneka L. Saffold
Ta'Shona Sanders
Kaitlynn Sagias
Madeline J Oquendo
Nicole McGregor
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