Student Emergency Fund - March Madness

This campaign ended on March 20, 2019, but you can still make a gift to Worcester State University by clicking here!

This March Madness give a gift to the
Worcester State University Student Emergency Fund. 

This fund helps students when life throws a curve ball. Whether it is helping a nursing student pay for his textbooks, a math major fly to Utah to attend her mother’s funeral, or an aspiring teacher buy a bus pass to get to class, the student emergency fund is there to help. Give generously today.

March Madness - The 2019 Day of Giving Competition Overview

Help your favorite Worcester State team, department, or club raise money and win the March Madness Giving Competition! Registered teams will go head to head to see who can get the most donors per team member in (4) 12-hour rounds. Teams with the most donors will advance to the next round. Help your team advance to the next round and win the grand prize.

Generous donors have pledged matching funds to the winning teams:  

1st Place: $1,000
2nd Place: $500
3rd Place: $250

Competition Rules: 

  1. Donations must be $5.00 or more.
  2. To allow smaller teams to compete evenly with larger ones, results will be calculated based on the size of the team. EXAMPLE: 10 person team with 20 donors = 2 donors/member. 2 person team with 20 donors = 10 donors/member. Therefore the 2 person team is the winner!
  3. Donations must be made on this web page to qualify.
  4. Multiple gifts made to one team, using the same credit card, will be counted as one donor.
  5. Gifts must be made by 11:59 PM on 3/20/2019.

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43% Faculty/Staff

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Sarah McMaster
Deirdre Anne Olson O'Connor
Jennifer & Jack Quinn
Kathleen Hannon
Colleen Laviolette
Mary Ellen
Courtney Mullin
Robin Quill
Darlene Danielson
john mcgowan
Shannon K. Overcash photoShannon K. Overcash
Ryan G. Forsythe photoRyan G. Forsythe
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