Occupational Therapy -March Madness 2019

This campaign ended on March 20, 2019, but you can still make a gift to Worcester State University by clicking here!

This March Madness Support the WSU Occupational Therapy Fund

The Occupational Therapy Department here at Worcester State provides incredible course curriculum taught by wonderful professors and filled with dedicated students. We provide education to fellow students about occupational therapy during our OT Day, we check in with students’ mental health on Fresh Check Day, and coolest of all, we get to adventure to state and national conferences of Occupational Therapy each year! In order to do these things, we need your help! Your donations can help us have more access to these interactive learning experiences outside of the classroom! Please donate today!

March Madness - The 2019 Day of Giving Competition Overview

Help your favorite Worcester State team, department, or club raise money and win the March Madness Giving Competition! Registered teams will go head to head to see who can get the most donors per team member in (4) 12-hour rounds. Teams with the most donors will advance to the next round. Help your team advance to the next round and win the grand prize.

Generous donors have pledged matching funds to the winning teams:  

1st Place: $1,000 
 2nd Place: $500 
3rd Place: $250

Competition Rules: 

  1. Donations must be $5.00 or more.
  2. To allow smaller teams to compete evenly with larger ones, results will be calculated based on the size of the team. EXAMPLE: 10 person team with 20 donors = 2 donors/member. 2 person team with 20 donors = 10 donors/member. Therefore the 2 person team is the winner!
  3. Donations must be made on this web page to qualify.
  4. Multiple gifts made to one team, using the same credit card, will be counted as one donor.
  5. Gifts must be made by 11:59 PM on 3/20/2019.

Donor affiliations

6% Alumni

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11% Students

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19% Parents

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16% Faculty/Staff

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48% Friends

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Donor list

Matthew Miller
Katlin Myrto
Irene Watkins
Lisa Ramos
Glenn Myrto
Kathryn Proulx photoKathryn Proulx
Janice molinari
Michael Donovan
Cheryl Lucas
Christine A Babbitt
Madison Barron
Nancy R. Dooley
Joan Kurr
Jessica O'Connor
Janet Richards
Patricia Myrto
Patricia Donovan
Christopher A Bellerive
Jesse M Fimian
Tim J chaffee
Cynthia Goula
Grace and Joe Donahue
Donna Dyer
Matt & Lynette O'Neil
Nicole & Rob Browne
Janelle O’Rourke
Emily Alligood
Kristen B Downing
Lois Wims
Catherine Vancelette
Jason DeFeudis
Mary T. Dillon
Julie Ward
Kevin Bell
Eliza LaChance

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