Enactus - March Madness 2019

This campaign ended on March 20, 2019, but you can still make a gift to Worcester State University by clicking here!

The Worcester State Enactus team is dedicated to ensuring a better future for those in our community. Last year alone, we dedicated over seven thousand hours of community service towards eight different projects, each tackling an area of need within Worcester county. We work with the Hector Reyes House and Crozier’s House, addiction recovery homes not far from Worcester State, to teach individuals recovering from substance use essential life skills. We cover topics ranging from financial literacy to healthcare and physical well-being. We work with the Worcester Public Elementary schools to introduce the Buddy Bench program.  Our team has developed a complete curriculum and provided a colorful, sturdy bench (approximate cost: $450 each) to teach about pro-inclusion at an early age. With 17 schools completed by May 2019, we are nearly half-way to our goal of all 33 elementary schools! Closer to home, more than a year of planning and hard work has led to the creation of a food pantry for Worcester State students. Did you know that over 33% of college students in the U.S. report food insecurities? Did you know that a survey at WSU reflected those national statistics? We took action and partnered with other concerned parties on and off campus to ensure our students had access to healthy food.

These are just a few of our projects, and a fraction of the ways our team members make a difference in the Worcester community. Our team collects metrics to show the efficacy of our work, writes a formal, professional, multi-media presentation, and competes with over 400 other U.S. collegiate teams.  Traveling to Enactus Nationals to showcase our work and gain invaluable experience in public speaking, leadership, project development and management, and networking, is a costly venture. Specific project costs, including Buddy Benches, teaching and health and wellness supplies, add up. Our members learn to search out and write grants, apply for scholarships, and undertake fundraising activities. Still, we find ourselves scrambling to cover our expenses.

Enactus is a diverse team of fifty active members across fifteen different majors. We are passionate and driven individuals using innovative, entrepreneurial action to make a difference. With your donation of $5 or more, you can help us make a difference in our community.

March Madness - The 2019 Day of Giving Competition Overview

Help your favorite Worcester State team, department, or club raise money and win the March Madness Giving Competition! Registered teams will go head to head to see who can get the most donors per team member in (4) 12-hour rounds. Teams with the most donors will advance to the next round. Help your team advance to the next round and win the grand prize.

Generous donors have pledged matching funds to the winning teams:  
1st Place: $1,000 
2nd Place: $500 
3rd Place: $250

Competition Rules: 

  1. Donations must be $5.00 or more.
  2. To allow smaller teams to compete evenly with larger ones, results will be calculated based on the size of the team. EXAMPLE: 10 person team with 20 donors = 2 donors/member. 2 person team with 20 donors = 10 donors/member. Therefore the 2 person team is the winner!
  3. Donations must be made on this web page to qualify.
  4. Multiple gifts made to one team, using the same credit card, will be counted as one donor.
  5. Gifts must be made by 11:59 PM on 3/20/2019.

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