Chorale - CC 2020

This campaign ended on March 10, 2020, but you can still make a gift to Worcester State University by clicking here!

The Worcester State University Chorale is participating in the Chandler Challenge this year! The mission of The Worcester State University Chorale is to give people who love to sing an opportunity to rehearse and perform challenging vocal works both locally and abroad. We are a dedicated group of singers who have a passion for music and camaraderie. Our goal is to inspire as many people as possible to help support our amazing students as we fundraise our way to an international European tour, location yet to be chosen, in the Spring of 2021.

Chandler's Challenge - Worcester State's Days of Giving Competition Overview

Help your favorite Worcester State team, department, or club raise money and win the Chandler's Challenge fundraising competition! Registered teams will go head to head to see who can get the most donors per team member in (4) 12-hour rounds. Help your team advance to the next round and win the grand prize.

Generous donors have pledged matching funds to the winning teams.  1st Place: $1,000  2nd Place: $500  3rd Place: $250

See all participating teams and the complete standings with hourly updates HERE.

Competition Rules: 

  1. Donations must be $5.00 or more.
  2. To allow smaller teams to compete evenly with larger ones, results will be calculated based on the size of the team. EXAMPLE: 10 person team with 20 donors = 2 donors/member. 2 person team with 20 donors = 10 donors/member. Therefore the 2 person team is the winner!
  3. Donations must be made on this web page to qualify.
  4. Multiple gifts made to one team, using the same credit card, will be counted as one donor.
  5. Teams found using false names on gifts to increase their donor scores will be disqualified from Power Hours and special marketing opportunities.
  6. Gifts must be made by 11:59 PM on 3/10/2020.



Donor affiliations

32% Alumni

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15% WSU Students

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4% WSU Faculty/Staff

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18% Parents of WSU Student

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36% Friends of WSU

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Donor list

Michelle McAdams
Roberta Ganem
Roberta Ganem
Steve Pye
Omar Cordova
James, N, Weagle
Resty, M, Weagle
Cheryl Raczynski
Eleanor, R, Weagle
Tracy Mercier
Kate Delaney Bailey
Matthew, A, Weagle
Diane Jerome
Molly R. Callahan
Fred Cassidy
John Dougherty
Margaret Cassidy
Allison Vickstrom
Alexander Craig Ulmer
ROBERT L Gardner
Dan White
Christie Nigro
Cindy Donahue
Paige Brann
Sherryl Ripel
Vincent and Rosanne Matulaits
Tracy Arsenault
Lisa & Keith Layton
Trey A Ciano
Kerry Popp photoKerry Popp
Mark Peterson

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