228 Gifts of Gratitude on Founders Day

This campaign ends on February 29 at 09:00AM EST

Worcester Academy celebrates Founders Day, Feb. 28, 2020, by honoring the people and Academy traditions that make WA an exceptional place to learn and grow. Help us ensure the Old School Bell rings as true today as it did at our founding by making a gift to honor YOUR own experience on the Hilltop (gifts of all sizes matter!).

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Donor Board

The Donor Board reflects giving from Alumni, Students, Parents
Class YearDonorsDollars
1938 1$200
1945 1$100
1952 1$200
1959 2$525
1961 2$86
1963 3$250
1964 1$100
1965 1$100
1968 1$100
1975 1$75
1977 1$183
1978 2$225
1982 2$1,050
1983 1$200
1988 1$100
1990 1$18
1992 1$100
1994 1$100
1996 1$504
1997 1$11
2002 2$500
2003 1$25
2004 1$100
2008 2$37
2013 1$18
2014 3$160
2018 2$28
2020 64$835
2021 2$218
2022 1$100
2023 2$283
2024 1$18

Donor affiliations

33% Alumni

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55% Students

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12% Parents

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4% Faculty/Staff

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5% Grandparent

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Donor list

Edward A Reynolds
Richard C. Reynolds
William A. Haddad
Paul D Himottu
Douglyss Giuliana
Chandler, C, Mendenhall
Katherine Morse
Estela & Andi Skende
Kelly Rizy
Anthony Agbro
William Saslow
Jordan Eisenstock
Eleanora Winston
Susan C Puryear
Susan Starr
Edward Glick
Brian Kee
Kevin and Lila Kee
Anne E. Mattson
Chuck Vassallo (Charles M. Vassallo)
Thomas Roddenbery
Courtney Rose Duffy
Donna Kayarian-Chiacchia
Brian Fin. (Fishkin)
arthur s. fox
Mehran Nesari Asdigha
Mitra Asdigha
Niloufar Asdigha
Gordon J Lockbaum
Dalilah Rain
Molly Garrison
Maureen A Makkay
Louis Burwick
Mark Lufkin
Erica Ribeiro
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