Rachel Dubit (3283)

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A Song of Arms and of the Goddess: What a Critical Reading of the Carmen de Bello Actiaco Reveals about the Roman Conquest of Egypt under Octavian

Hometown: Williamsburg, Virginia

Department: Classical Studies

Advisor: Molly Swetnam-Burland

The Carmen de Bello Actiaco (Poem of the Actian War) is a fragmentary Roman epic that recounts Octavian's conquest of Egypt. My Honors Thesis will use Antonio Gramsci's concept of subalternity and Edward Said's theory of Orientalism to analyze how Octavian turned his defeat of Cleopatra at Actium into propaganda to support his new role as Roman emperor. The project will also provide a translation of the text, which has been neglected by scholars due to its fragmentary nature.

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