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Emotion Socialization Predicting Adolescent Bullying, Victimization, and Prosocial Behaviors

Research has demonstrated that parents’ socialization of their children’s emotions plays an important role in their children’s social functioning. In recent years, researchers have begun to examine how peer emotion socialization (ES) processes may also contribute to adolescent outcomes. Still, few studies have examined how mothers’ influence on their child’s ES that may then affect their child’s close friendships—research that could provide compelling insights into how adolescent friendship quality may be improved, starting at home. Thus, the current research examines how maternal and peer ES processes may predict adolescents’ later social experiences (bullying, victimization, prosocial behaviors) in a longitudinal sample of 200 middle-school age youth. Maternal and peer ES processes were assessed by mother report and youth observational task at Time 1. This thesis will focus on the 2-year follow-up interviews with these youth in which they report on their social experiences. Analyses will investigate these prospective links between ES and social experiences, while accounting for youths’ baseline Time 1 social experiences. These findings may generate important implications for adaptive and maladaptive ES practices in both parent-child and adolescent peer interactions and our understanding of how these practices may lead to later adolescent social outcomes.

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