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Haitian Visions will be a series of photographs staged with sci-fi and fantasy elements around Haiti’s capital, Port-au-Prince. We’ve been invited to create it as part of Ghetto Biennale, a festival that brings people from all over the world to collaborate with local artists. Our take on this year’s theme, geography, is to transform city spaces into futuristic and supernatural scenes. The idea is, “imagine what could happen RIGHT HERE.”

This project builds on work that is already underway on a collection of Haitian Afrofuturist stories. We’re working for every story in our book to have an image accompanying it. Our Haitian writers have come up with some great ideas so far: airlines where witches with the power to fly serve as the pilots, spells that transfer genius from one child to another, and werewolf romances. We’re excited to bring these unique visions to life by staging them in real settings.

We’re also excited to bring the finished project to William & Mary. Authors from marginalized communities make use of technology and magic in unexpected ways. When they enter the conversation, they expand its possibilities. A big part of our work is teaching and translation: we want to help audiences on both sides of the ocean reach each other. Adding a visual component to what started out as a writing project gives us a tool for communicating across languages.

 Haitian Visions

 To provide support for the Haitian Visions project, a series of photographs staged with sci-fi and fantasy elements around Haiti’s capital, Port-au-Prince resulting in an exhibition at William & Mary.


 Decrease the number of photos, locations, or models.

 Host an event at William & Mary to open the photo exhibit, including readings from the short stories that inspired the photos.

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