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tribeHacks is William & Mary’s annual hackathon, organized by our chapter of the Association for Computing Machinery. Our event is a 36-hour software and hardware competition, open to students from all departments here at William & Mary and at nearby universities. tribeHacks gives students the opportunity, time, and tools to come together and work on their passion projects and learn about new technologies. Over the course of the weekend, students will come up with their idea, build a prototype from the ground up, present their products to judges, and win prizes. We support their work by providing them with tools, mentors, and food throughout the weekend. tribeHacks is beginner-inclusive; we offer a series of tutorials to help new hackers learn the ropes of common technologies, and our sponsors provide mentors who offer advanced knowledge.

If our goal is not met, we will offer fewer meals and amenities, possibly shortening the duration of the event. If our goal is exceeded, we will create a hardware lab which will be used during the event. It will contain new technologies that are otherwise cost-prohibitive to students, such as computers with higher processing power and better graphics cards, and virtual reality rigs. The hardware lab will be mobile, but housed in the ACM’s office in McGlothlin Street when not in use at tribeHacks. All hardware would be made available to members of the Association for Computing Machinery and of the Computer Science Department after the event.

Fund: tribeHacks

Purpose: To provide support for all aspects of the tribeHacks event at William & Mary, including but not limited to food, security, and promotion/advertising.
If goal is not met: Offer fewer meals and amenities, possibly shorten duration of the event.
If goal is exceeded: Possible creation of a mobile hardware lab for use at the event and afterward for continued use/experimentation by ACM members and Department of Computer Science.

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