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This campaign ended on May 10, 2019, but you can still make a gift to William & Mary by clicking here!

As you may have heard, William & Mary has begun the process of constructing a new music building that will reside next to Phi Beta Kappa Memorial Hall on Jamestown Road. The current design plans are stunning and we are tremendously excited about the space. One of the highlights in this building will be a concert hall with exceptional acoustics designed specifically for music events. Last fall, we learned about an organ that was for sale which could be a centerpiece in the new concert hall. This three manual and pedal instrument includes 24 ranks of pipes enclosed in a gorgeous handcrafted case of solid mahogany, all playable from a three manual key desk, featuring maple and rosewood keys and a state-of-the-art organ control system. A set of polished zinc Festival Trumpets crown the casework.

As there is currently no instrument for our organ students to use for their lessons, practice or recitals, this new instrument will have a direct impact on them. For the first time it will also allow many of our ensembles (Choral, Orchestral and Wind Ensemble, for example) to prepare works that involve organ accompaniment. It will also provide an opportunity for guest organists to give recitals in the Ewell Concert Series, and would serve as a new composition possibility for our composition students and faculty.

We are very excited by all of the opportunities this new instrument will provide our students and ask for your support in making this endeavor happen. Please consider a gift to support this Peragallo Opus 652 organ’s arrival at William & Mary.

Agency & Type: William & Mary – Expendable

Fund: Pipe Organ Fund (4402)

Purpose: To provide support for the purchase of a pipe organ for William & Mary's Music Department. Uses for this fund include the purchase, storage, delivery, installation, and maintenance of the organ.

Goal: $100,000

Goal Not Met: Fundraising will continue.

Goal Exceeded: Any additional funds raised will be allocated to organ maintenance and upkeep. 

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